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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Hotness...

Rick ""the Dick" Santorum Denies that He is Homophobic...

During Thursday's edition of The Glenn Beck Program, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum denied he's homophobic, but then added that gay sex should be criminalized.

“There were no 'cruel, cruel' remarks,” Santorum told Beck. “All I can ponder is that Alan Simpson is talking about a comment that I made, which I paraphrased, almost word for word, but paraphrased a Supreme Court justice in a case called Lawrence v. Texas, before that case came out, which had to do with, as you know, a Supreme Court case on the issue of sodomy, and I said that if you have – if the Supreme Court changes the legal standard to say that consensual sexual activity is now a constitutional right, then we open up the gates for all sorts of consensual activity.”

“Unfortunately, folks like Alan Simpson saw that as homophobic.”

“It's not homophobic. It's a legal argument, and it's a correct legal argument. In fact, that's exactly what's happening. We went from Lawrence v. Texas to now a constitutional right to same-sex marriage and they're going into a constitutional right to polyamorous relationships. This is the slippery slope that we're heading down, and I stand by it.”

Listen to the audio below of his interview with Beck, then watch the you tube video where he says point blank that gays should not be allowed to marry nor should they adopt. Um, not homophobic? I do not know what this cracked out douchebag calls homophobia but anti-gay marriage/adoption, constitutes in my book!... Also this is what he said about the sodomy law being over turned  "

"sodomy laws properly exist to prevent acts which "undermine the basic tenets of our society and the family"

Lady Gaga Reveals Album Cover...

Thief steals gay pride flags...

Really? Stealing gay pride flags? Omg...

ORONO, ME (WVII/CNN) - A thief has put a damper on Pride Week at the University of Maine, by stealing the flags from campus in honor of the school's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

"Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, transgender lifestyles are unknown to lots of people," said Vice President of Student Affairs Robert Dana. "I think it creates questions and a certain amount of anxiety for some people and instead of talking about it, I think some people haven't found their voice so perhaps to show their unhappiness, their confusion, to make a statement they say well this is the only way to do it."

A third flag has been put up, and police are taking notice to make sure it does not disappear.

School officials are not sure exactly why someone would remove the flags.

"It would be really nice to see that sort of thing, I consider myself a very forgiving person and I believe if they did that it would be a really nice way to give back to our community and recognize that this is wrong but if they're sorry then yeah, I could forgive them," said student, Adam Flanders.

The school is offering a 500-hundred-dollar reward for information leading to those responsible. deets here

Gay South Carolina Teen Attacked By Mob At Local Gas Station

Last week, a teenager was brutally attacked by a mob outside a gas station in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Joshua Esskew, 19 said that the attack started after he heard an anti-gay slur directed at him.

The gay teenager was soon hit in the back of the head with a beer video as other men formed around him and started hitting him from all angles.

“I responded with, ‘What was that you said?’ But nothing offensive toward them,” Esskew reported to WCNC.

Investigators at the scene have stated that the fight escalated just because it could, even though as of now, they won’t classify it as a hate crime.

“South Carolina does not have an enhancement of hate crimes. This is a very, very serious and violent assault and we are investigating it as such,” Lt. Mike Barber told the Charlotte Observer.

Esskew, on the other hand, believes that this attack happened because of his sexuality and nothing more.

“I believe it was a hate crime. I don’t have any hate in my heart toward any one of those guys. I believe justice does need to be served. I just wish they would realize how good of a person they did this to.”

Esskew spent two days in the hospital as a result of this attack, where he was treated for broken blood vessels in his right-eye, bleeding on his brain, and cuts on his head.

The devastating attack caught on videotape shows the victim being attacked by multiple assailants, so far only two of the attackers have come close enough to the security camera to get a clear picture. deets here

Effin animals. They should have their asses kicked....

RuPaul's New Album Cover...

About her up coming album, she has described it as "my personal mantra set to music. Be fabulous, feel great & above all…LOVE YOURSELF!

I think the cover looks great!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Inspiration...

Omg: Oprah has on Boy Who Was Kept Changed & Abused in Closet At 6 yrs Old..

Did you watch Oprah today? Omg. It was truly heartbreaking. She had on Clayton, who in 2000 was rescued by a sheriff that had a gut feeling that he was being abused by his father and stepmother. (Clayton's 14 yr old step sister was the one to alert the  officer) Clayton was locked in a closet, wrapped in wire fencing and pee'ed on and had feces smear on his face relentlessly. I must say, it was a tear jerker the entire episode. 

There is nothing more in this life that angers me than the abuse of children. I have zero tolerance for it. The sickening part of this whole tragedy is that his father and stepmother barely did 2 years in prison for it...I would like to get my hands on those 2 scumbags myself. They would be begging to be locked up for life after i got through with them....

Delaware Passes Civil Unions For Same Sex Couples....

(Reuters) - Delaware governor Jack Markell is expected to sign into law a bill that will make the state the eighth to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples, his office said on Friday.

The Delaware House of Representatives passed the previously approved state Senate bill 26-15 on Thursday.

The legislation amends the present code on civil unions to include two individuals of the same sex. It stops short of extending the definition of marriage to include same-sex unions, nor does it require religious institutions to conduct ceremonies for same-sex couples.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, California, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia recognize at least some of the legal rights of domestic partnerships. deets here

Yosemite National Park Could Face Closure....

Wow i did not even think of this!

YOSEMITE NAT'L PARK -- Lack of federal funding may shut down national parks including Yosemite.

Lawmakers must agree to a budget that would continue to staff and maintain national parks, but a stalemate is preventing them from doing so.

"We are sitting on pins and needles hoping an agreement will take place and the park won't be closed", said Jeff Hentz, Executive Director of Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau.

Tourism makes up 70 percent of revenue for Mariposa County. Now business owners are bracing for the worst.

"We can tighten our belts too, but things like this would push us over the edge", said Douglas Shaw.
deets here

Day Of Silence....

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Thousands of students across the country are marking a “Day of Silence” Friday as a statement against the bullying and harassment at school of homosexual students.

The day often becomes a canvas against which people argue the morality of homosexuality. This year, an organization called “SaveCalifornia.Com” called the day a time for “sexual indoctrination,” suggesting it encourages young people to become homosexual. The group’s president, Randy Thomasson, released a statement saying that some parents opposed to “Day of Silence” would keep their children out of school.

A prominent example of the heated debate in Northern California occurred four years ago, when a group of students at Rio Linda High School wore T-shirts baring anti-gay statements. Their activity was a response to the “Day of Silence.” This year, there were no signs of counter-protests at local schools early in the day, but it was not clear if anything was planned.

The organizers of “Day of Silence” have said that nationally, nearly nine out of 10 LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) students are harassed in school and that 60 percent of them feel unsafe because of their sexual orientation. deets here

Hundreds protest outside John Snow pub that kicked out gay couple for kissing

A large protest of hundreds of people gathered outside the John Snow pub in Soho, central London earlier this evening in reaction to a gay couple being ejecting from the venue for kissing.

The protest-come-party, originally planned as a ‘gay kiss-in’ from within the venue, was re-located to outside the pub after the establishment’s management decided to close it for the day at 3pm.

One protester pinned a rainbow flag to the door frame of the pub, while others posted flyers of men in varying states of undress to the windows. Another man held a placard saying “I want to blow you all” in large letters with “(a small kiss)” written much smaller below.

Couples kissed, while others simply enjoyed the opportunity to party in the pleasant spring weather.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell said :”Although much of London is gay-friendly, the apparent discrimination against Jonathan and James shows that pockets of prejudice remain, even in gay Soho.”

More than 800 people pledged to attend the demonstration in support of the gay couple, who were kicked out on Wednesday evening.

Jonathan Williams, 26, and Jamie Bull, 23, were on a first date in the pub when a woman claiming to be the landlady allegedly ordered them to leave.

The couple say they were kicked out for quietly kissing in a corner and a witness backed up their claims. Jamie Morton said the kissing was “innocent”.

Mr Williams continued: “When we were kissing – not in any confrontational way, but simply on the mouth – a uniformed member of staff approached us. She said she was the publican, but refused to give us her name, or give her name to the people sitting next to us when they asked. She told us we had to leave, to which we replied that we had no intention to. At that point the man who’d first approached us moved the table so he could get to me and grabbed me by the collar of my suit jacket. ”

But the drinker who first complained about the couple claimed they were “over the top”.
Gary from Richmond, who did not give his surname, told BBC 5 Live: “I have gay friends and lesbian friends. They were asked by the barman to moderate their behaviour, which they didn’t do. It was more than a short kiss. It was a full on snog.” deets here

Who cares if it was a full on snog? What business is it of anyones? Exactly how and why does it offend anyone? Stupid bigots....

If You Refuse To Rub Lotion Between Jesse Jackson's Legs, You Get Fired...

Lols, this is some crazy funny stuff. 

Rev. Jesse Jackson denied allegations filed in Chicago against him and his organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, by a former employee who claims he was terminated because of his sexual orientation.

In a complaint filed Thursday with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, Tommy R. Bennett said he was harassed, discriminated against, and bullied by coworkers and Jackson himself. Bennett said that after two years of work, he was then laid off because he is gay.

Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition issued a joint statement Friday, "unequivocally [denying] Tommy Bennett's false claims of harassment, retaliation, and discrimination,"according to the Chicago Tribune.
In the filing, Bennett said the coalition's membership and volunteer coordinator, Caroline Wiggins, made it clear that she did not want to work with him because he is gay. Bennett also said that his idea for an LGBT-themed table at the group's national convention was shot down at a meeting. When Bennett took the task of coordinating travel for Jackson, he said his job took a turn for the worse. He was once denied a trip to Tanzania with Jackson because the Jackson was unhappy with the way Bennett packed his luggage. He also alleges that on a trip in 2008, Jackson summoned him to his hotel room at the Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport to apply cream to a rash Jackson had "between his legs." When Bennett refused, Jackson reportedly called him a "little motherf*cker."

“The organization does not condone or tolerate discrimination in any form,” the group said in the statement. “His inflammatory allegations are an attempt to malign Rev. Jackson and the organization, and are hurtful and harmful to the progressive community. We are fully cooperating with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations and expect to be fully exonerated.” deets here

Rihanna On American Idol Last night....

First time i have heard this song. Love it!

Michigan Haters Fail To Repeal Domestic Partner Benef. Law...

Michigan lawmakers have failed to repeal a policy providing domestic-partner benefits to state employees, largely assuring the policy will go into effect, the Lansing State Journal reports.

A proposal to rescind the policy failed to receive the required two-thirds vote in the house of representatives Thursday. Sixty-six members voted in favor of repeal, eight short of the number needed. A repeal measure had passed the senate by the required margin.

The state Civil Service Commission had approved the policy in January, affirming an agreement Jennifer Granholm had negotiated with state employee unions while she was governor. It extends health care benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees as well as any other adult living in an employee’s household, and it applies to both unionized and nonunion workers. The state employs about 35,700 people.

Rick Snyder, a Republican who succeeded term-limited Democrat Granholm as governor this year, and GOP legislators wanted to rescind the policy because of its cost, estimated at as much as $11 million a year. With Michigan running at a deficit, Snyder still may seek to cut the benefits during negotiations with state workers, according to the Journal.

For now, however, workers and their representatives were happy that repeal failed to pass the legislature. “We would not want the Civil Service Commission to be overturned,” said Ray Holman (pictured), a spokesman for United Auto Workers Local 6000, which represents about 17,000 social service caseworkers and other state employees. “That hasn’t happened before in recent memory. These types of things should be handled at the bargaining table. We negotiated it fair and square.” deets here

Hot New Mag From The XY Magazine & A&F Quarterly Editing Team...

The former editors of XY Magazine and A&F Quarterly have teamed up to launch two new magazines that look a lot like XY and A&F Quarterly.

B Magazine is described as the "gay magazine of the future," mixing photos of “hot guys” with editorial about future design. All American Guys, which is all photos, takes its name from the South Florida based modeling website,

Peter Ian Cummings and Savas Abadabsis will oversee the two magazine, both of which are expected to launch in May.

You can check out their site here

The publishers write in a press release: "XY and the A&F Quarterly were known for their inspiring and daring photography, and Cummings and Abadsidis said they will continue that trend by photographing people across the country, especially in mid-America, as they both did before; and interviewing numerous celebrities — as well as photographing 'inspiring and cool gay people across America.'"  deets here

Woman Sues Over Alleged Assault...

(CBS/KCAL) LOS ANGELES - A California woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the popular online dating site, and now she's suing, saying the site needs to do more to prevent similar attacks.

On Thursday, attorneys for the woman, a Hollywood executive who wants to remain anonymous, filed a civil suit calling for to to stop adding users until a sexual predator screening process is installed.

The suspect in the case, Alan Wurtzel, is also facing felony charges in LA Superior Court. Police said he is a previously convicted sex offender for other assaults on women he met on the Internet.

CBS affiliate KCAL spoke to the attorney representing Wurtzel, who confirmed he has had problems with the law in the past.

Mark Webb is the plaintiff's attorney."If somebody uses their credit card to pay, then they basically run their name through a federal sex offender data bank and through a local county registration bank," said attorney Mark Webb.

Webb said the woman met the alleged assailant last year in West Hollywood. After a second date, the attorney said the man, who has been convicted six separate times for sexual battery, followed her home and attacked her, KNX Radio reports. deets here

Ok i am not down with this. I believe that online dating is equivalent to meeting some on in a bar. It is essentially the same thing. The woman went out with the man twice before the alleged assault happened. Not that i am blaming her by any means, but to sue the website she chose to join? No...Would she sue a bar if that was where she met him?

Listen To Gaga's New Song "Judas"

Totally Gaga!  deets here

Judas by gagadaily

Maggie Gallagher Gets Confronted Before DOMA Hearing...

Love this video!  Although i wish the guy gave it to just a wee bit harder ;)

Activist group GetEQUAL confronted National Organization for Marriage chair Maggie Gallagher before today's "Defending Marriage hearing to present her with the "First Annual Anita Bryant Award for Unbridled and Unparalleled Bigotry." via towleroad

Maggie Gallagher Testi-LIES At DOMA Hearing...

Gallagher, once again spewed her twists and lies about why gay marriage should not be allowed and ending her 5 minute time limit with of course the weakest argument of all, that if gays get the right to marry then polygamists will fight for the their right. I mean really her blabbering was so insane, because she knows she HAS no argument. I posted the link to the audio of the hearing. Gas bag Gallagher comes on around the 24 min mark...Oh and of course no post on Gallagher would be complete without one snarky comment: At the hearing she looked as ravishing as ever...Get your barf bags...
DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, was the topic of a hearing chaired by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) Friday morning. Franks, a “birther” and climate change denier who said he would “absolutely…support” the impeachment of president Obama over the DOJ’s refusal to defend DOMA, the 1996 law in court, had kept the witness list secret.

That list included just three people — two anti-equality activists and one pro-equality advocate – National Organization for Marriage Chair Maggie Gallagher, ultra-conservative blogger and traditional-marriage advocate Ed Whelan, and Rutgers School of Law Professor Carlos Ball. Ball is the author of Closet to the Courtroom: Five LGBT Lawsuits That Have Changed Our Nation, and a marriage equality advocate. 

deets here     depending on your browser it may not work, so try a different one.

Ben Cohen Does Not Think He Is A Gay Icon...

I beg to differ! Ben Cohen told QXMagazine He does not see himself as a gay icon....

“To be honest with you it's something that's been going on for about five or six years,” Cohen said. “There's this guy called Laurent in Paris who started a fan page on Facebook and in the last couple of years it really took off. I don't really see myself as a gay icon but I realize I have this huge following and it's growing every day.”

Arizona: You Need A Cock Shot To Prove You Are An American...

Unreal...Pending a signature from Governor Jan Brewer, the Arizona Legislature has made it official -- show us the birth certificate. Or your circumcision certificate, early baptismal certificate, hospital birth record, postpartum medical record, or an early census record.

That's right, the state House passed on the "Birther Bill" to the governor, just in case a real Kenyan ever tries to sneak his way into the White House.

Governor Brewer has five days to sign, veto, or ignore the bill and let it become law. deets here

 And i am sure this dumb ass bitch will sign it into law....

Must Watch: Parody Of 80's Prime Time Soap Vixens...

These two clips are hysterical!!! For more on the mastermind behind these vids go here...


Ugandan Gays Paid to Back Antigay Bill

Wtf? Martin Ssempa, the so called pastor behind the Uganda Kill Gays bill, paid gay's to testify in his defense of the bill. The dirtbag delivered a 2 million signature petition in a last ditch effort to save the bill. I find it hard that he found 2 MILLION people to sign that petition. I am sure the signatures are fake...

The New York Timesreports on the visit Ssempa made to parliament last week in order to urge lawmakers to debate the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has become “politically toxic” in the wake of the murder of prominent gay rights activist David Kato. The activist had recently won a case against the Rolling Stone tabloid newspaper, which ran his photo with a headline calling for him and other activists to be hanged.

“But with Parliament closing next month, Mr. Ssempa, a leading religious figure from an independent sect of Christianity, made a last-ditch push last week, bringing a coalition of religious leaders, civil society organizers and two self-described former homosexuals to meet directly with the speaker of Parliament, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. They presented him with a petition containing what they said were more than two million signatures in support of the bill,” reported the Times.

While blaming the death of the bill on “homocracy”, or political bullying, from Western nations, some of which give foreign aid to Uganda, Ssempa also invited two witnesses, Paul Kagaba and George Oundo, to testify. They said they had been rescued by Ssempa after being “recruited” into the LGBT community by activists including Kato.

However, the Times reports that afterward, Oundo, who is transgender, retracted much of his testimony. He said that he believes Kato was murdered, and that he does not support the bill.

“Mr. Oundo said that his presence alongside Mr. Ssempa at Parliament had been to ‘protect’ himself and that he had been contacted only that morning by Mr. Kagaba about the meeting and offered about $42 to attend,” reported the Times. “He said Mr. Ssempa had offered him about $2,000 in 2009 to repent and switch sides in the debate, but later reneged. Either way, Mr. Oundo became a poster-child for Mr. Ssempa’s anti-homosexuality movement.” deets here

Santorum Uses Gay Poets Poem For Campaign Slogan.....

The nerve of this scumbag, condemning homosexuality and then using a poem for a gay author...To find out more on this douchebag's anti-gay vomit, go here

Former senator Rick Santorum announced Thursday that he will begin raising funds for his presidential bid using the campaign slogan “Fighting to Make America America again” — a line from a pro-union, pro-immigrant poem written by gay poet Langston Hughes.

Best known for his work during the Harlem Renaissance, Hughes wrote the line in his poem “Let America Be America Again.” Read the poem in full at

Santorum has spent a fair amount of his political career fighting gay rights advancements, having once compared same-sex couples with people who have sex with dogs. deets here

Happy Friday!!!

It's that time again....Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

TV Hot...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gay Porn Real World Cast Member Displays His Homophobia...

I'd believe it if he had not already smoked a pole..."Real Worlds" Dustin who appeared in a few gay porn videos shows of his homophobia in the video below and dont go getting excited because its not one of his blow job lovin vids, its a clip from an episode of Real World. but you can view his gay action scenes here and here and one more here ;) In it he discusses how he hopes they get a new roommate who is a girl as apposed to a gay guy and what he would do if a gay guy hit on him...Um, i can only assume this was filmed before his hot dirty little past came out to haunt him. I mean come on, he had to know that his videos would come to light once he was on a reality show?

"Yeah dude, you gotta back this up. Back this ass up or I will have to reach around and grab you. And once I do I will beat you off me so hard, and I won't stop till you finish—I mean it's finished. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sniff some girl's underwear, because that's what straight guys do"  deets here

Double Hotness...

Verizon Wireless Guy: Can you Hear me Now, I'm Gay...

Now that Paul Marcarelli, the infamous "Can you hear me now?" Verizon Wireless guy is out of contract, he's saying a whole lot fact he's coming out!

Although rumors and rumblings have been going around the internet since he started the job in 2002 that he was gay, nothing was ever fact because of his contract he couldn't say much of anything.

Verizon kept a short leash on Marcarelli wanting to protect their brand and their spokesperson and since all he ever said was "Can you hear me now?" that's all they ever wanted him to say - EVER.

Now all the "dirt" as it is is coming out, not only is Marcarelli gay but he's also promoting a movie that he wrote called The Green that centers on a gay couple. It stars Jason Harner and Cheyenne Jackson as a gay couple involved in a scandal in a small town and how the town turns against them. deets here

Maggie "had a child out of wedlock" Gallagher To Testify At House Hearing On Gay Marriage...

The leading homophobe in the nation, Maggie Gallagher, will be testifying at the House hearing on marriage tomorrow. She’s been barnstorming the country these past few months, to testify in opposition to marriage equality legislation. In Maryland, her hateful anti-gay testimony secured us anew supporter in the State Senate.

Now, Maggie craves the spotlight. And, she loves to testify about same-sex marriage. But, when it really mattered — at the Prop. 8 trial — she didn’t take the stand. See, in federal court, witnesses have to swear to tell the truth and can be cross-examined. Lying in court is a crime. David Boies explained this eloquently on Face the Nation in the wake of the Prop. 8 ruling:

“In a court of law you’ve got to come in and you’ve got to support those opinions, you’ve got to stand up under oath and cross-examination,” Boies said. “And what we saw at trial is that it’s very easy for the people who want to deprive gay and lesbian citizens of the right to vote [sic] to make all sorts of statements and campaign literature, or in debates where they can’t be cross-examined. deets here

I can only imagine the nasty shitz that is going to come out of her big blow hole...

Arizona: Prove that you are American by Confirming that you are Circumcised...

Omg, now i have heard it all!

Arizona’s state Senate approved a bill Wednesday that will require presidential candidates to prove they are U.S. citizens before they can be included on a state ballot.

Prompted by challenges to President Barack Obama’s citizenship and, therefore, eligibility for the job, the bill passed 20-9 in the Senate, and now moves to the state House for a final vote before heading to Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk.Continue Reading

The legislation, a revised version of an earlier bill that would have required each candidate to provide a “long-form” birth certificate, also gives candidates the option of instead providing two of the following documents: an early baptismal or circumcision certificate, a hospital birth record, a postpartum hospital record for the mother or an early census record.

Democrats have said the bill exceeds the state’s authority, while Republicans insist it falls within the state legislature’s power under the U.S. Constitution. deets here

Um, how insane is that? Prove if you were born in the U.S. by proving if you are cut or not? With so many people being born here that are not circumcised, that is just nuts...But leave it to the republicans to think of such a effed up thing...

Sarah Palin Not the Mother Of Trig?

I must say i have questioned this myself. I never bought she is the mother. There are just to many inconstancies...

An interesting footnote has emerged to a theory that raged around the Internet during Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice President. The theory is that Sarah Palin is actually the grandmother of her purported son Trig, not the mother, and that she staged a gigantic hoax during the campaign to cover up this fact.

Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University has looked into this story in detail and written a long academic article about it. He concludes two things: First, that the "conspiracy theory" is likely true—Sarah Palin staged a huge hoax, and, second, the American media is pathetic for not pursuing the story more aggressively.

Scharlott's article walks through all the evidence supporting the theory, including the photos of Palin in what is said to have been a late-stage pregnancy, the leisurely 20-hour trip home that Palin took after she supposedly went into labor in Texas, the refusal of the hospital where Trig was supposedly born to even confirm that he was born there (let alone who was the mother), strange statements from Palin's doctor and the McCain campaign, and so on.

And Scharlott concludes that, given that this hoax would be a massive fraud perpetrated on the entire country by a vice-presidential candidate, the media absolutely should have pursued the story more aggressively.
deets here

Mugabe Calls U.S. " Gay Filth"...

No sweetie, the only filth is your ignorance and Hitler esque mustache...

Embattled Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe lashed out at the “gay filth” in Western countries that maintain an asset freeze and travel ban on him.

According to Agence France-Presse, Mugabe spoke to thousands Thursday at the burial of the deputy director general of Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organisation, Menard Muzariri, who died this week.

"About the unnatural things happening there, where they turn man-to-man and woman-to-woman,” he said. “We say, well, it's their country. If they want to call their country British Gaydom, it's up to them. That's not our culture. We condemn that filth.

"We get alarmed when these countries have the audacity to schedule us as an item to discuss in their parliament,” he continued.

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe, where President Mugabe has shared power in a tenuous arrangement with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai since the 2008 election. The country is drafting a new constitution in which Mugabe has said he does not want to see LGBT rights mentioned. deets here

ABC Cancels All My Children & One Life To Live....

OMG! This is a very sad day for me! I have watched ABC soaps from- well i wont give you that time frame, but i cant believe they are actually canceled. I mean i know the ratings are less than stellar but these people are like family memebers! Especially OLTL, that has been my main stay favorite since i was a young gay buck dreaming that i could be Tina Lord coming back from the dead after she went over the Iguazu Falls, presumed dead and then returned with her and Cords baby during his wedding....God what am i going to do with out my show!!!

ABC has announced that two of its three soap operas -- All My Children and One Life to Live -- will go off the air in the coming months. General Hospital will be left as the network's only remaining soap.

"While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is," Brian Frons said in a statement. "We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways."

"All My Children and One Life to Live are iconic pieces of television that have made an indelible mark on our culture’s history,” Frons continued. “Each of the shows has touched millions and millions of viewers and informed the social consciousness. It has been a privilege to work with the extraordinary teams who brought the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview to life each day, and we thank the cast, crew, producers and most especially the fans for their commitment to the shows through their history."

Together, All My Children and One Life to Live combine for 84 years of broadcast history. All My Children is slated to go off the air in September. One Life to Live will conclude its run in January 2012. deets here

Ben Cohen Comments On Kobe Bryants "Apology"...

Rugby hottie and gay rights advocate Ben Cohen had this to say about Kobe Bryant's lame ass apology:

“It is disappointing to see this,” Cohen said Wednesday in a statement. “As a professional athlete and rugby World Cup champion, I understand the heat and passion of competition at the highest levels. But we must all remember that strong bodies must be balanced with strong characters and work toward that end. Our positions as role models demand it.”

Brett Easton Ellis Blames Kurt For His glee Remark...

Yesterday I posted about author Bret Easton Ellis's tweet, watching glee made him fell like he "stepped into a puddle of HIV" . Well  in trying to clear up that he was not drunk while posting that, i think he stepped into it more. Here is his tweet trying to clarify:

Ellis wrote in a new tweet Wednesday evening, "No, I wasn't drunk last night. I was watching Chris Colfer singing, um, 'Le Jazz Hot' and felt like I had suddenly come down with the hivs."

Honey lamb, don't tweet, you should be focusing on your writing... 

Kobe Bryant Appeals Fine...

Ya know, yesterday when Bryant apologized for his anti-gay slur, i thought everyone makes mistakes, i get, he apologized, was fined $100 grand, move on. Now he is appealing his fine and i have no respect for the idiot. First off he said the slur, plain and simple. Secondly appealing the fine only shows how sorry he is NOT. The apology meant nothing, he was obviously only trying to save face. 

Kobe Bryant confirmed in an interview with ESPN radio Wednesday he will appeal the $100,000 fine against him for mouthing an antigay slur at a referee during Tuesday night's game.

Bryant said the appeal is "standard protocol," but told listeners of the Mason & Ireland show on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles that he's taking responsibility for his words.

"The comment that I made, even though it wasn't meant in the way it was perceived to be, is nonetheless wrong, so it's important to own that," the Los Angeles Lakers star said. "The concern that I have is for those that follow what I say and are inspired by how I play or look to me as a role model or whatever it is, for them not to take what is said as a message of hate or a license to degrade or embarrass or tease. That's something I don't want to see happen. It's important for me to talk about that issue because it"s OK to be who you are, and I don't want this issue to be a part of something or to magnify something that shouldn't be." deets here

Today In Ignorance: Sherri Shepard Would Never Paint Her Sons Toenails Pink...

OK, I do not hold Sherri Shepard in to high of a regard. Ever since I heard her bible beating mouth about how she struggles with gay marriage because she is a "christian". And you know, because of their history,  i have no tolerance for black people who hold any kind of discrimination toward anyone else. Shepard is about as ignorant as they come. 

So when i was watching the View yesterday i was not surprised when they were talking about the J.Crew ad where the mother paints her sons toenails pink, Shepard spewed her ignorant diarrhea about how she would not paint her sons nails, nor would she let him put on her make up when he asked. She said it was not out of fear that he would turn gay, she just doesn’t think it’s appropriate for boys to wear nail polish. Um, of course it's because she is afraid he would turn gay, there is no other reason and the one she gave does not cut it. She is a dumb ignorant idiot...Amen...

“He’s a boy, he’s 3, he don’t need his toenails and fingernails painted,” Shepherd says.

She says her son Jeffrey has asked before if he could try on his mother’s makeup, but she says it’s because he is constantly surrounded by women. She says she tells her son the makeup is for mommy, not him.
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