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Saturday, March 26, 2011


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Man Shoots Wife After Fight Over Him Being Homosexual...

Tulsa Police arrested a man early Saturday morning for allegedly shooting his wife.

It happened near 3200 Independence.

A report from the Tulsa Police Department states Martin West and his wife had gone to the club and had come home drunk and started fighting.

The victim said she and her husband were arguing over him being homosexual and she said she was going to leave him.

According the report, West said, "The only way you're leaving me is in a box," then went and got a gun out of the night stand in the bedroom.

The report states he came into the living room and his wife was trying to run from him when he shot her in the hand.

She said she fell down the stairs but was able to get back up and keep running. She said she managed to get around the corner of the apartment complex where she saw her husband drive away.

Police pulled West over at 2100 S Harvard at 6:45 a.m.

Officers found a .380-caliber gun behind the driver's seat.  deets here

Good lord people are crazy...

Newt Gingrich Will Slow Down The Gay Agenda and Return America To Christian Roots...

Newt Gingrich appeared on gay hater Bryan Fischer's American Family Association radio show, "assuring" the ignorant dumbass that if he becomes president, he will slow down the homosexual agenda and deliver this country back to its Christian roots...lols good luck douchebag. One thing i always love about these republican idiots is that every time they are talking about gay agenda or Christian roots, they always tag it with "what the majority of Americans want" these jerk offs would not know what the "majority" wants. They love use that line....

'Homosexual conduct' law still on books in Texas...

AUSTIN, Texas — "Homosexual conduct" is still on the books as a crime in Texas, eight years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional.

Although the state's so-called sodomy law cannot be legally enforced, civil rights advocates say it should be removed because it creates a climate favoring bullying and other hate crimes.

But the Austin American-Statesman reports that legislation that would bring state law in line with the U.S. Constitution faces a questionable future in the Legislature, which has been reluctant to provide legal protections to citizens based on sexual orientation.

In 2003, the nation's highest court ruled that Texas could not stop people of the same sex from engaging in sexual activity. Today, the Texas Penal Code still states that it is a Class C misdemeanor to engage in "deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex" — just after a line explaining that the law is unconstitutional.

Jim Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, says leaving the law on the books creates the potential for abuse.  deets here

Illinois Sheriff Regrets Anti-gay/semitic Comment On Facebook...

A west-central Illinois sheriff says he regrets an online comment in which he used what he acknowledged was off-color humor in a public posting on a co-worker’s social networking page.

The posting, in which Schuyler County Sheriff Don Scheiferdecker made a comment that included the phrase “little fag Jew boy” about another co-worker’s photo, was meant to be private.

“I’ve dedicated my life to public service and sure don’t believe in public service by being harmful to people,” Schieferdecker said.

He said Thursday there have been a few people in the community who have been critical of the remark, which was made in jest.

Schieferdecker said he made the comment after returning home from a long work night of trying to find anhydrous thieves. He posted it to the Facebook page of a dispatcher, who had used the slang word for a homosexual under the picture of another dispatcher.

The sheriff said he knew both men would take the comment as harmless teasing.

But being relatively new to Facebook, Schieferdecker said he didn’t realize everyone could see the comment.

“I wouldn’t say or do anything like that to hurt anyone,” he said, adding it upsets him when somebody is disrespected because of who they are. “I couldn’t care less about anyone’s religion and sexual preference.”

He said he regrets the comment and “it’s something I wish I hadn’t said.”

Schieferdecker started an account early this winter to view friends’ accounts and play some of the games.
deets here

People, when are we going to remember that anything you put online, is out there for the world to see and can come back to haunt you...

Denver Policemen Fired Over Antigay Beating....

Two Denver policemen have been fired for beating a gay man in 2009 and lying about the action captured on a surveillance camera.

According to Reuters, in April 2009, Devin Sparks and Randy Murr detained Michael DeHerrera and his partner, Shawn Johnson, after Johnson was ejected from a downtown bar. The officers said that force was required to subdue the men, but a surveillance camera showed DeHerrera talking on a cell phone as Sparks tossed him to the ground and hit him with a metal rod.

Although the police chief Gerry Whitman had recommended the officers be terminated, the then-safety manager Ron Perea suspended them for three days in a move that outraged the LGBT and Hispanic communities. Nearly two years later, the new safety manager Charles Garcia Sparks said their actions brought “immeasurable harm” to the department.

Sparks was dismissed for “inappropriate use of force” and lying in his police report and Murr was let go for falsifying his report, reports Reuters. deets here

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gone Fishing...

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The Count Down Has Begun For The Last Episode Of Oprah...

Oh my the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey show will air May 25th!!! Say it isn't so O...I was a young gay buck when Oprah started and i have watched from the beginning...Wow life with out Oprah everyday...

Effort To Ban Gay Marriage In Iowa Fails...

A resolution that seeks to place a gay marriage ban in the Iowa Constitution will likely die in a Senate committee.

State Senator Jeff Danielson, a Democrat from Waterloo, told the The Gazette on Thursday that there isn't sufficient support for the measure in the Senate State Government Committee that he chairs to move it to the Senate, and that the resolution will likely fall victim to an impending April 1 deadline.

“We do not have the votes for that in State Government so that will not survive the funnel,” Danielson said.

The Legislature's self-imposed “funnel” rule says policy bills must pass either the House or Senate and a committee of the other chamber to remain viable for the remainder of the legislative session.

The Iowa House approved the resolution with an overwhelming 62 to 37 vote on Tuesday, February 1.

Even if the legislation had cleared the committee, Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal has vowed to block the measure from reaching the floor.  deets here

Straight Man Claims Drug Turned Him Into Gay Sex Addict...

Finally it comes in a bottle!!!! Ok, i have an open to anything. I believe anything is possible, however this one is a bit hard to buy but it would be a dream. A man claims a drug turned him from straight to gay, um Okay......If this is true then i need to get me a bottle because there are a few straight men i would like have and i mean in the biblical sense! Starting with David Beckham...Weeee...

Jambart is suing the pharmaceutical giant for £390,000 as a result of what the faulty drug has done to him. His heteralsexual behavior was changed to homosexual preference after taking the drug, Jambart claims, but it got much worst than that.

As a result of being on the ReQuip drug, Jambart began exposing his private parts in the Internet. Cross-dressing became a regular hobby of his. He even became a compulsive gay sex addict as well. As if things couldn’t get much worst for him, they did. He began having dangerous sexual encounters with different men. This led to him being raped and becoming depressed over the incident. He became so depressed over the rape and turning into an homosexual that he tried to kill himself eight times.

As a result of all of this, he is suing the pharamacutical giant for £390,000. deets here

Rugby fans warned over anti-gay chants at Gareth Thomas...

Castleford Tigers fans have been warned by the club’s chief executive to ensure that homophobic chants directed at gay player Gareth Thomas are not repeated.

The club was fined £40,000 last year after a small number of fans abused Crusaders star Thomas. The fine was cut to £20,000 on appeal and the club banned three people.

The Crusaders are to play an away match against Castleford on Sunday and chief executive Richard Wright urged fans to prove that the club is not anti-gay.

He said: “We’ve put a lot of hard work into taking every step possible to prevent a repeat of last year.

“There has been a fantastic atmosphere at games so far this season and we are grateful to our fans for that.
deets here

That "fans" even have to be warned about making anti-gay slurs is so insane....Their asses should be thrown out if they do...

Mike Huckabee: "Ok to lose Your Job, For Being Anti-Gay Marriage"

Here is Huckabee's latest hate speech against gay marriage. Now besides the obvious anti-gay rhetoric he always pukes out, he actually says that if you stand up against gay marriage and it costs you your job, it's is worth it. Now this ass is possible going to run for president and he is telling people to risk losing their job (in this economy) in the name of hate and discrimination. Really? That is certainly NOT a MAN that should be running this country. Watching his speech sounded like some ignorant KKK or anti-civil rights leader back in the 60's...

Huckabee was spewing his hate at a speaking event in Iowa.

10 yr old Takes Mom's Car And Leads Police On Chase....

Ok, i know this is serious but, the humor part i just can not get over. You must watch this video between the mother describing what happened and kid not really interested in what he did, this should be a reality show, the kid using his blinkers is the part that kills me...via buzzfeed

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Alaskan Nut Job, Wants Extra Marital Affairs To Be A Crime....

Every once in a while, well its seems more like every day now, we get a crack pot that just really puts the cherry on our day. And todays crackpot of the day goes to Don Haase. Haase is an appointee of Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell. Haase wants, wait for it, to make extra martial affairs a crime. Yes kids, a crime!  LOLS...Mary please! But i am not going to ruin it for you, i will let read his testimony below, before the senate judiciary committee. But one last thing, Haase be very careful what preach, cuz you know how those closet doors come flying open and your dirty panties tumble on to the floor...Enjoy....

Paskvan: "Do you believe it should be a crime?"

Haase: "Yeah, I think it's very harmful to have extramarital affairs. It's harmful to children, it's harmful to the spouse who entered a legally binding agreement to marry the person that's cheating on them."

Paskvan: "What about premarital affairs -- should that be a crime?"

Haase: "I think that would be up to the voters certainly. If it came before (the state) as a vote, I probably would vote for it ... I can see where it would be a matter for the state to be involved with because of the spread of disease and the likelihood that it would cause violence. I can see legitimate reasons to push that as a crime."  full deets here

Quote Of The Day: Phylicia Rashad "Mothers Love Your Gay Babies"

“Mothers need to advocate for the rights of gay babies. Mothers need to advocate for the rights of gay babies. Isn’t that something?” interviewed by No More Down Low TV.   full deets here

250 Service Members Discharged Under DADT In Months Leading Up To Repeal...

Can you tell which one is the gay soldier?

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports: In the months leading up to Congress’ repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” late last year, the Department of Defense discharged 250 service members for violating the ban on openly gay troops, a Pentagon spokeswoman confirmed to ABC News.

The figure, first reported by gay rights group Servicemembers United, covers the period Oct. 1, 2009, to Sept. 30, 2010. President Obamasigned the repeal into law on Dec. 22, 2010.  deets here

And now that DADT has been repealed, every single service member who has been discharged under the discriminatory law should be reinstated and/or be compensated for their lost wages....

Happy Friday!!!

Our favorite day of the week has arrived!! Hope all of you have a great weekend! And thanks for stopping by i truly appreciate it. And remember, follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

Ugandan Administration Looking To Shelve "kill gays" bill...

Reports from Uganda indicate that the administration wants to shelve the bill that would punish gay people with death in certain instances, but David Bahati, the bill’s main sponsor in parliament, appears unwilling to back down.

Information minister Masiko Kabakumba appeared Thursday on NTV to announce that the administration of President Yoweri Museveni had determined the Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be redundant because other laws already criminalize gay people in the country. The new proposal, which sparked international outcry when it was introduced in 2009, would magnify the penalties to include execution for “aggravated homosexuality,” such as having sex when HIV-positive.

Kabakumba said that another law, the Sexual Offenses Bill, would cover any outstanding concerns, but Bahati, the lawmaker with connections to antigay American evangelicals, insisted that a “specific and clear” law is still needed to fight the “promotion” of homosexuality. In addition, Warren Throckmorton reports that Bahati has been assured by legal and parliamentary affairs committee chair Stephen Tashobya that debate on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill will proceed. deets here

Here is what i believe, the U.S. should stop any financial support to any country that has laws criminalizing homosexuality until they change them. Then we will see how fast the countries of hate do away with these laws...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gay Playwright Lanford WIlson Has Died...

Broadway playwright Lanford Wilson passed away this morning, March 24. He was 73 years old. Considered one of the founders of the Off-Off-Broadway theater movement, Wilson received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1980, was elected in 2001 to the Theater Hall of Fame, and in 2004 was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. more deets here

West Hollywood Erotic Art Fair This Weekend...

If you are up for some erotic fun this weekend. Take a trip over to West Hollywood for the Tom Of Finland Foundations, Erotic Art. Read the info below from Wehodaily or click on the link for the deets...

The 16th Annual West Hollywood-Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair, presented by the Tom of Finland Foundation, will be held this weekend at West Hollywood Park Auditorium, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood.

The Erotic Art Fair will feature more than 45 artists working in diverse media. Life drawing workshops and symposia will take place both Saturday and Sunday.

The Tom of Finland Foundation’s Erotic Art Fair gives members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community an opportunity to come together, meet and say thank you to the artists that represent them and their culture.

“Erotic art has been an essential part of being gay for the past 30 plus years. One of the main elements of what makes the homo community so special and unique is that our sexuality has brought us together — and it is what makes us stand apart, said Durk Dehner, President & Cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. “What we create is at the cultural core of our community of queers. Be inspired by the creativity. Be a mentor and share our glory.”

Hours for the event are Saturday, March 26 from 1 p.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday, March 27 from 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

Afternoon Delight...

More here (nsfw)

Quote Of The Day: Tom Ford No shorts for Men In The City...

"A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach." Ford Telling Another link to read his other do's and don'ts...

Liz Taylor Reveals Secret About James Dean,,,

In an interview with Kevin Sessums back in 1997, Elizabeth Taylor revealed a secret about James Dean that Kevin promised to keep until she died at her request...

"I loved Jimmy. I'm going to tell you something, but it's off the record until I die. OK? When Jimmy was 11 and his mother passed away, he began to be molested by his minister. I think that haunted him the rest of his life. In fact, I know it did. We talked about it a lot. During Giant we'd stay up nights and talk and talk, and that was one of the things he confessed to me."  deets here

What a class act she was...Rest Liz...

Walmart Issues Apology For Not Allowing Use Of "Gay"....

"I apologize that this situation has been created. It was a systemic oversight, in which ‘gay’ was on a list of filtered words. Certainly it makes absolute sense for you to include this word in your review. This is a no-brainer for us." - Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala

Recently it was brought to our attention that Mark King was unable to complete a review of the book “It Gets Better” on We regret that a filter did not allow his review of the book to post and we quickly worked to resolve this technical issue. We reached out to Mark directly to discuss the issue and, as an extra measure, we have reviewed the system to ensure that it will allow the use of all appropriate words related to sexual orientation and gender identity.  deets here


Colorado Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill

The Colorado senate passed the state's civil unions bill Thursday morning in a 23-12 vote, the Associated Press reports.

Three Republicans joined Democrats in supporting the bill following two rounds of heated debate.

During a discussion of the bill on Wednesday, only one Republican voiced opposition to the bill. More spoke out on Thursday. The bill was introduced by openly gay Sen. Pat Steadman (pictured).

Writes the AP: "They emphasized their concerns that civil unions would undermine marriage and go against the wishes of voters. Voters rejected a domestic partnership referendum in 2006 and also banned gay marriage the same year." deets here

Some where over the rainbow, Brian bottom Brown, Faggie Gallagher and Tony play with my baloney Perkins are kvetching and dry heaving all over each other....

Crazy: Man Arrested After He Threatens Girlfriend With Gun For Watching Sheen Kiss Kimmel..

A Georgetown man threatened to shoot his girlfriend and a 14-year-old girl after watching Sheen’s kiss on Jimmy Kimmel.

A local Georgetown man by the name of David O’Harahas been arrested after watching the “gay” kiss betweenJimmy Kimmel and Charlie Sheen. Once the kiss aired, O’Hara grabbed a gun and pointed it at his girlfriend and a 14-year-old girl. The man was so enraged that he threatened to kill several people at the house.

Police officials in Georgetown say that David O’Hara has been arrested and remains in jail. deets here

Um girlfriend, you are crazzzeee! I cant even begin to imagine what mental illness besides homophobia you have in that head of yours but honey, get on some meds...Wait, maybe he is on the down low, got excited when the kiss came on and the girlfriend saw him pop a chub? God I am smart. Look out Nancy Drew...

Awesome: Canada Will Help Persecuted Gay Refugees....

On the eve of a likely spring election, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced an unusual partnership with Canada’s queer community Thursday: a pilot project to help refugees persecuted for their sexual orientation.

Through the project, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will work with the Rainbow Refugee Committee to share the cost of sponsoring gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual and bisexual refugees overseas to Canada.

The department will provide $100,000 in assistance to cover three months of income support for the refugees upon their arrival here, while the Rainbow committee will offer orientation services, accommodation, food and other basic needs.

“These funds are a welcome first step in response to the crisis facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the globe, at a time when 77 countries continue to criminalize homosexuality and five prescribe the death penalty,” said Helen Kennedy, executive director of Egale Canada, the country’s largest LGBT human rights organization. deets here

We love Canada!

Apple: Exodus App "Offensive to Large Groups Of People"

Apple Inc. said Wednesday that it has pulled an app from its online store after a University of Minnesota sexuality professor contended that it was manipulating his research to support the argument that homosexuality is a behavior that can be changed.

"It's official," said a tweet from Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, the Florida-based group behind the app. "Incredibly disappointing. Watch out, it could happen to you."

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said Wednesday, "We removed the Exodus International app from the App Store because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people."

Dr. Gary Remafedi, director of the Youth and AIDS Projects and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, sent a letter on Monday to Apple founder Steve Jobs and its interim CEO, Tim Cook, about the app. Remafedi wrote that it "erroneously cites my research in support of claims that homosexuality can be changed. ... Associating my work with that of the ex-gay ministry and other unfounded treatments is professionally injurious and grievous."

Exodus International, which describes itself as "the world's largest worldwide ministry to those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction," says its app was "a useful resource for men, women, parents, students and ministry leaders." deets here

Scumbag of the Day: N.Y. Archbishop Compares Marriage Equality to Marrying His Mother...

In an interview with Morley Safer that appeared on 60 Minutes Overtime, the gay hating Dolan compared gay marriage to that of marrying his mother. Mmm, not quite idiot but nice try. You may want to marry your mother and that is your sick biz but incase you have not been paying attention, gays want to marry other gays, not their mothers. So you may want to see someone about your Oedipus complex....Dumbass...

There is a video where you can watch his hate. However there was something wrong with the code and I could not post it correctly. Click on the link to view.


“I have a strong desire to play shortstop for the Yankees,” he said. “I don’t have a right to, because I don’t have what it takes. And that would be what the Church would say about marriage. We would say marriage by nature, marriage by definition is between a man and woman for life, giving children. Don’t tamper with the definition.”

Pressed by Safer to explain how exactly marriage equality would harm heterosexual marriages, Dolan responded, “Because where then would the tampering stop?”

“I mean, I love my mom,” said Dolan. “I don’t have the right to marry her, okay? There are certain rights and attractions in life that are very beautiful and noble but don’t entitle you to marriage.” deets here

Liz's Favorite Gay Bar In West Hollywood, Builds A Memorial...

I had said to my ex today, i bet the Abbey will be setting up a shrine under Liz's painting and sure enough before i went to bed it was on TMZ. I will definitely be popping into the Abbey this weekend (and my weekend always starts on Thursday!) for the special Blue Velvet Martini in the Dame's Honor!

The staff at Liz's FAVORITE West Hollywood gay bar -- The Abbey -- erected a candle-lit memorial to the actress yesterday in the V.I.P. room where Liz would often hang out ... but that's only the beginning.

We're told the bar's offering a special drink in Liz's memory this weekend ... and they're donating ALL the proceeds to Elizabeth's AIDS foundation.

It's called the "Blue Velvet Martini" -- which they picked in honor of her role in the 1944 hit "National Velvet" -- and if you wanna try out their recipe ... it's made with Blue Angel vodka and blueberry schnapps.

Sources at the bar tell TMZ, regulars have been adding to the shrine non-stop since Elizabeth passed --sending flowers and gifts since yesterday morning. deets here

Gordon Ramsay; Wtf? Rude!

Did anyone see American Idol last night? Ok besides the fact that the performances were awesome, did you see the nasty comment Gordon Ramsay made? Right before Stefano sang, he had given Ryan a bowl of food his mother had made the night before. So in the next segment Ryan, gave Ramsay, who was sitting in the audience the food to taste. The nasty bitch, said that Stefano should keep to singing and made a nasty face gesturing to the food and made a snide comment. Wow. Hello, the kids mother made it! My, how classless Ramsay is. So rude...

Reggae Star Blasts Gay Groups For “Homosexual Hypocrisy”....

Reggae superstar Boom Viniyard is posing some poignant questions to the gay community and he may be the first to ask such questions. On his new mixtape “The world is ours”, Boom Viniyard questions why isn’t the gay community rallying and protesting for the banning of the bible, since the bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. The artist suggests that if homosexuals rally against and support the banning of anti-gay reggae songs then it makes sense that they should do the same against the church and all conservative political parties.

When asked by the Jamaican Gleaner what he thought about artists like Sizzla and Beenie Man being banned from performing in the United Kingdom as well as being denied entry into the United States as reported by the Gleaner, the artist responded:

“Not only is it hypocritical but it’s also wrong to ban songs and suppress artists for the condemnation of homosexuality, if so be the case the republican party of the USA should also be banned and suppressed. They are openly anti gay which is a fundamental principle of conservatism. Also the Bible should be banned and suppress right along with all Christian churches and Christian nations because the Bible, both in the old and new testaments condemns homosexuality. So if you are banning songs and suppressing artists, why is the Bible, Christian churches and Christian nations allowed to operate without restrictions. Maximum respect to Shabba Ranks, Sizzla Kalonji and Buju Banton.” The full interview can be heard on Boom Viniyard’s new mixtape on a track called “Homosexual Hypocrisy”.

Boom Viniyard went on to tell the Jamaican Gleaner that “I am willing to debate with GLAAD, OutRage or any other gay organization on the harsh stance they take in the stifling of reggae music and reggae artists”.
deets here

I get what Boom is saying, and i agree to the point that anyone anti-gay, be it republicans, Christians and so forth promoting hate should be banned. Hate should be banned. But i will also point out one factor that he is not mentioning. What the gay community is banning, are the hate inspired lyrics to songs that include and promote the murdering of gay people. I am not going down the list of songs because believe me you can find them any where. However when you are actively telling people that gays should be killed just because of who they are, there is a problem here. I would feel the same way about any singer promoting the killing of black people. It is wrong. Plain and simple. 

Republicans/Christians/Conservatives who do spew discrimination and hate, the gays ARE fighting them, in court and in the business world by boycotting brands, business, restaurants and major stores chains that promote bigotry. We go after everyone and we are making huge progress. So no there is no "homosexual hypocrisy" here.

But lastly, there is a difference in not agreeing with something, a lifestyle in this case or race, but it is another to advocate murdering them for it....

Arkansas Supreme Court reconsiders adoption ban....

The Arkansas Supreme Court heard arguments March 17 in a case to determine whether the state constitution will allow a law banning any person cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of marriage from adopting or foster a child. It is a case some legal observers expect could end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Arkansas law, Act 1, was passed by voter referendum in November 2008, the same month California voters passed Proposition 8 to ban same-sex marriage. Shortly thereafter, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the ACLU of Arkansas challenged Act 1 in court.

In April 2010, a state circuit court overturned Act 1, saying it violates the Arkansas Constitution. It dismissed plaintiffs’ claims that the law also violates their rights under the United States Constitution.

The state, along with the Family Council Action Committee—the conservative group that led the petition drive for Act 1—appealed the case,Arkansas Dept. of Human Services and Family Council Action Committee v. Sheila Cole Et Al., to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Plaintiffs include a lesbian couple who adopted a special-needs child before Act 1 was passed and wants to adopt another child now; a lesbian grandmother who wants to adopt her grandchild, who is currently in state care; three teenagers in the foster care system awaiting placement; and several married opposite-sex couples whom Act 1 prevents from designating certain friends or relatives to adopt their children in the case of the parents’ deaths.

The plaintiffs say that Act 1 violates their rights to equal protection, due process, and the right to privacy under the state constitution.

The defendants claim that Act 1 is necessary to protect children. deets here

Yes they are right, children do need protecting, from bigots/hate groups like Family Council Action Committee. This group should be stripped of its title "Family" because they do not know the first thing about family...

Anger, shock over cross burning in California Community ...

The Associated Press - In a Monday March 21 photo, a burned patch of grass is seen where a cross was burned just outside of a black teen’s bedroom window in Arroyo Grande, Calif. in the early morning hours of Friday March, 18, 2011. The FBI has joined a hate crime investigation into the cross burning. (AP Photo/The Tribune, Joe Johnston)

Wtf??? I just do not understand hate like this...

LOS ANGELES – Anger and shock have penetrated a prosperous, mostly white Central California community where an 11-foot cross was stolen from a church and set on fire next to the home of a black family.

"I was horrified," said the Rev. Stephanie Raphael, president of the San Luis Obispo Ministerial Association. "We live in a paradise, and I think the first thought was, this can't really be real."

Police assigned extra patrols to the neighborhood in Arroyo Grande — a city that hasn't seen a hate crime in nearly a decade — and rewards were offered for information leading to an arrest.

The cross was stolen from a garden at Saint John's Lutheran Church weeks ago and set ablaze Friday in a lot behind the house where the family lived, police Cmdr. John Hough said.

A 19-year-old woman saw the flaming cross from her bedroom window. Officers doused burning pieces of wood with a garden hose.  deets here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love A Hottie In A Jock...

more here (nsfw)

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