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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Hotness...

Gay Killer Released From Prison...

PROMINENT members of the gay community are outraged at the parole of a man who kicked a schoolboy to death in an apparent gay hate-crime, despite authorities assessing him as "posing a high risk of reoffending".

Jason Morris Meads, 36, was freed from prison on March 7 – 11 years after being jailed for life for the 1999 murder of 14-year-old Jeff Whittington.

The crime was so shocking, a play – Corner of 4am and Cuba – was written about it.

Jeff was found lying battered in a puddle at 4.40am in central Wellington on May 8, 1999. Shoe or boot marks could be seen on his skin. He had sustained severe brain damage and a ruptured bowel. He died in hospital the next day.

Meads, then 25, and Stephen James Smith, 27, both unemployed, were found guilty of Jeff's murder. The pair had met Jeff – who had dyed purple hair, wore purple nail polish and had pierced ears – at about 4am on an inner-city street.

A witness at the Wellington High Court trial said the pair had later boasted they had beaten a "faggot" and left him for dead.

"They said they had never seen anyone bleed from the places he bled from. They were laughing about it," the witness told the court.

The court heard Jeff had a diary which outlined homosexual encounters.

American-born playwright Ronald Nelson, who wrote Corner of 4am and Cuba, was outraged by Meads' release.

"He [Jeff] was a 14-year-old kid ... to kick a kid and let him lie in his own guts and sh*t in a puddle, in an alley, in Wellington, New Zealand, is pretty horrific," said Nelson, a high-profile member of the capital's gay community. deets here

These two scumbags should have gotten locked up for life. 11 years for the heinous crime of kicking a 14yr old to death? Wtf?

Gay Man Stoned To Death!

Wtf is wrong with people??

Police say John Joe Thomas, 28, has admitted to stoning to death 70-year-old Murray Seidman because the senior had made advances toward him.

Thomas allegedly beat his longtime friend with a sock full of rocks in his Lansdowne, Pennsylvania apartment five days before he claimed to have found the senior's remains on January 12.

“Thomas explained to investigators that he killed Seidman because Seidman had been making homosexual advances toward him over a period of time and that he had read in the Old Testament that homosexuals should be stoned in certain situations,” a police spokesman told reporters.

Detectives first spoke to Thomas in January, but he wasn't arrested until this week after a witness came forward. Thomas allegedly told police that he bashed Seidman in the head approximately 10 times with the sock full of rocks.

“Thomas told detectives that he received answers to his prayers to put an end to Murray Seidman's life,” the spokesman added.

The retired hospital worker lived in the same Lansdowne Avenue apartment building as his killer.

Thomas was the sole beneficiary of Seidman's will and had power of attorney over the senior's affairs.
deets here


Friday, March 18, 2011

Victoria Jackson Calls glee Gay Kiss "Sickening"....

Jackson, who was a cast member of the venerable sketch comedy series from 1986-92, sounds off on a number of topics in theWorld Net Daily op-ed titled "Make Me a Liberal," including her fear of Muslims, distrust of President Obama, and disgust with the Fox hitGlee.

Jackson writes: "Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of Glee – what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?" deets here

What is sickening is your comment. A mockery out of Christians? Why the eff do you "Christians" think the world revolves around you? "one way tolerance"? Um if you watched the show there is plenty of straight kissing you dumb ass. Bottom line, Jackson is a hack and "almost" been bigot....

Desert Storm...

more here

Iowa US. Senator Tom Harkin Backs Gay Marriage...

US. senator Tom Harkin of Iowa expressed his full support for state senate majority leader Mike Gronstal, who is blocking a vote on a constitutional amendment against marriage equality, while the federal lawmaker also said his own thinking on marriage has “evolved.”

According to the Quad City Times, Harkin spoke Thursday about his fellow Democrat, a 2012 target of conservatives for his refusal to allow a vote in his chamber on a measure that would repeal the unanimous 2009 state supreme court ruling for marriage equality. Harkin previously said he would vote against such an amendment.

“Mike Gronstal is one of the finest public servants I’ve ever met in my life,” said Harkin. “I will do everything in my power to back him up. He’s right on the mark on this issue.”

According to The Des Moines Register, “He said he has concluded that marriage consists of two things: a religious-based commitment and a civil agreement recognized by states.

Harkin said, "I don't think there should be discrimination about who is able to establish relationships like that in a contractual marriage, in a civil marriage. But churches, on the other hand, if a religion finds this to be anathema ... then they don't have to do that. .. I would protect their right to not to have to do that, but it shouldn't spill over into the civil part of it at all," the Register reported. deets here

Male Models For Gay Marriage...

Nous Model Management's men's division is proud to exclusively debut their Shepard Fairey“Defend Equality, Love Unites” signed poster; symbolizing support of marriage equality in California and beyond. The original poster was commissioned by grassroots marriage equality organization FAIR in the wake of the passage of Prop 8. To date, over one hundred celebrities have signed these unique posters as a symbol of their support of marriage equality for all Americans in the Love Unites Campaign. The posters are sold at auction, with all proceeds going to grassroots equality work. Nous Model's Men's Director, David Todd and President, Kenya Knight are avid supporters to this cause and are thrilled to offer their support. Todd said, "Over two dozen of today’s leading male models participated in Nous’ poster signing". International rugby star and model Nick Youngquest also extended his support to the cause. deets here

New Orleans Police Targeted Gays And Blacks...

So not surprising...

The Justice Department on Thursday accused the New Orleans Police Department of systematic misconduct that violated the Constitution, saying that officers used excessive force, illegally arrested people and targeted black and gay residents.

After a 10-month investigation that officials called unprecedented in scope, the Justice Departmentissued a report saying police engaged in racial profiling against the city’s black majority. From January 2009 to May 2010, for example, officers intentionally fired their weapons at 27 people, the report said. All 27 were African American.

In releasing their findings at a news conference in New Orleans, Justice officials vowed to work with the city to reform the scandal-plagued department, whose reputation has further deteriorated since Hurricane Katrina. The government is not suing New Orleans but plans to implement reforms through a court-ordered settlement.

“The problems facing the New Orleans Police Department are serious, wide-ranging, systemic and deeply rooted in the culture of the Department,” said Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the civil rights division, which led the probe. deets here

More Gays In The White House....

The Obama administration has another high-ranking gay appointee: Michael McRaith (pictured), director of the Illinois Department of Insurance, was named Thursday to head the new Federal Insurance Office,Bloomberg News reports.

The office was created by the financial reform law, sponsored by Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, passed by Congress last year. It will gather information on the insurance industry and negotiate internationally on its behalf, but it does not have regulatory power.

McRaith has held his Illinois post since 2009, when he was appointed by Gov. Pat Quinn. Before that, he was an attorney in private practice in Chicago for 15 years. He has been active in industry and community organizations, including service on the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s board of directors.

Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner announced McRaith’s appointment at a Financial Stability Oversight Council meeting Thursday in Washington. deets here

Happy Friday!!!

Some where it's almost quittin' time....Have a great weekend everyone....

Scott Baio Gay Movie Flashback: "The Truth About Alex"

A friend of mine  and i were talking last night about old gay movies and he brought up this Scott Baio one the i had long forgotten. It came out in 1986 i believe. In the film Baio finds out that his best friend is gay. His reaction and the rest of the peoples reactions are indicative of the times. But at the same time it was very progressive, especially the gay kids fathers acceptance of it. Watch the clips below. I have to say Scot Baio's character's strength was very hip for that time. This movie is one of the first "gay is ok" movies to come out... Love it...

Here is me...You ask, you get....

ok so, i have gotten some request about what i look like. And although i am not big on showing my face, i am bigger on full filling your over on the left pic of the day will be me...

St. Patty's Day blow out....

Omg...I had too much fun last night. I rang in St. Patty's day with a bang....Hung Ova....Weeeee...and no i did not go home with anyone. I never go home with men from bars (not that theres anything wrong with that) you?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are You Getting Your Irish On Tonight??

How are you celebrating 
St. Pa-tricks day?? I will be hitting up some of the grand old gay bars in West Hollywood for some Leprechaun fun...Hope you all have a great one and drink safely.....

Man Brutally Beaten By Teens In Anti-Gay Attack In Williamsburg

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn man was brutally beaten by a group of teenagers last month in what has been deemed a hate crime.

Barie Shortell, 29, was walking down N. Fourth Street in Williamsburg at around 10 p.m. on Feb. 22 when a group of teens started taunting him, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

Shortell told The Paper the teens started to mock him and began yelling anti-gay slurs so he decided to cross to Wyeth Avenue to be on the safe side.

That is when the hoodie-wearing gang of teens shoved him against a wall and started attacking him. Although he was not robbed, he suffered a fractured jaw, broken nose and eye sockets. “I feel pretty confident they perceived me as agay man and attacked me, but I can’t understand why they did what they did. I looked horrible. Blood was everywhere,”Shortell told The Paper. He also said he has no recollection of the attack.

Shortell required 10 hours of surgery to rewire his jaw and have three metal plates put in his head. One surgeon is said to have compared the force of impact to that of a car accident.

Shortell’s medical bills are estimated to exceed $100,000. He has no health insurance so his friends are hosting a fundraiser to help offset the costs of his hospital bills and physical therapy.

The fundraiser, ”Gay Bash: A Benefit For Barie Shortell,” will take place next Wednesday, March 23 at 7 Blackout bar in Greenpoint. Check out thisFacebook page for more information.

So far no arrests have been made. If you have any information that could help solve this crime please contact the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force at 646-610-5267.  deets here

Getting You Through The Day...

Porn Site Wants All Sites To Remove Videos Of Real World Cast Member...

Video featuring Real World Las Vegas cast member Dustin Zito having sex with men while performing for adult companies Fratmen and Fratpad have been removed from their websites, and the two sites are asking bloggers to remove all images of Zito, according to The Sword.

“Multiple gay porn bloggers have been asked to remove promotional images of Dustin Zito/’Spencer’ engaged in gay sex,” according to The Sword. “Fratmen has sent specific requests to highly-trafficked gay porn blogs and forums, including JustUsBoys and WayBig, to remove Spencer’s gay sex images.”

Zito talked about his gay porn past on the first episode of the series, airing now, but it hasn't been discussed since.

Meanwhile, a writer for Reality Blurred says he too received a letter from Fratmen asking him to remove a compliation of shots from Zito's videos. When he asked Fratmen why, they suggested its because the video was never on their site in the first place and one of the performers in the video may have been under 18.
deets here

Sounds like MTV is trying to do damage control. I do not buy it that one of the guys was under 18. In todays day and age, with all the age verification, no, not buying it. I do not believe however that MTV is homophobic at all, i just think its more of a scandal type issue. And they don't want to hear from conservatives or crazy ass parents...Good luck trying to get the videos down, once it hits the "internets" its beyond control....

Size Does Matter....

Men's obsession with size in their nether region may be justified after all. New research indicates size — of a sort — does matter when it comes to male fertility.

It turns out it's not penis size that's significant, but the length as measured from the anus to underneath the scrotum, known as anogenital distance, or AGD, according to research published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. (More on Is Coverage of Infertility Treatment an Essential Benefit?)

Fertility testing is nothing if not invasive, but the research, from the University of Rochester Medical Center, means that the latest tool in the fertility arsenal might soon be a lowly tape measure.

AGD is associated with semen volume and sperm count, according to study author Shanna Swan, a reproductive epidemiologist and professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester.

The median AGD length is about 2 inches; men with a shorter measurement stand a seven-times greater risk of having fertility problems as opposed to men with a longer AGD. They are more likely to be sub-fertile, which generally indicates a sperm count of less than 20 million per milliliter. Men with sperm counts in this range are only half as likely to succeed in getting a partner pregnant as men with more typical sperm counts in the range of 50 to 60 million sperm per milliliter. (More on Sperm on Steroids: 6 Inches Long and Raring to Fertilize)  deets here

The researchers, measured the AGDs of 126 college students. Damn what a hot study...

Since i am sure you are dying to know, i pulled out my John Holmes ruler and great news, i am as fertile as Daddy (and i dont mean DILF) Jim Bob Duggar....But kids? Hellz to the no!

Crystal Cathedral Founder Disapproves Of Anti-Gay Covenant...

Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller says he strongly disapproves of an anti-gay covenant his church administrators asked choir members to sign.

Schuller told the Orange County Register Wednesday that the statement goes against the principles of tolerance, acceptance and positive thinking on which he built his 50-year-old ministry.

The Register says Schuller contacted the newspaper to say he did not know the covenant existed and would have personally never approved it.

The document says choir members should commit to being Christians by following the Bible in every way and understand that God intends sex to be between married heterosexuals. deets here

Several choir members said they were upset by the statements made in the covenant and would refuse to sign it.

NAACP Leader Keith Ratliff: Gay Community Is Hijacking The Civil Rights Movement...

A prominent leader of the NAACP has called on the gay community to stop 'hijacking' the civil rights movement.

At a Tuesday rally held on the steps of the Iowa Statehouse, Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr., the pastor of Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines, told about 500 supporters of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the state that he was insulted at the suggestion that the late Rev. Martin Luther King would support LGBT rights.

Ratliff is also the president of the Iowa-Nebraska chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and is listed on the group's website as a national board officer.

Julian Bond, the group's chairman, is an ardent supporter of gay rights. At a gay fundraiser in 2005, he told a Virginia crowd that “applying for a marriage license” could “change the world.” Bond publicly opposed California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8.

Ratliff claimed that gay rights advocates had “hijacked” the civil rights debate.

“For deviant behavior is not the same thing as being denied the right to vote because of the color of one's skin,” Ratliff told the crowd. “For deviant behavior is not the same thing as being denied where one may sit on a bus.”

“What an insult to the civil rights movement.”

“While I enjoy the conversations of those who love to suggest that if the late Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King were alive he would be supportive of gay, lesbian marriage and bisexual and transgender relationships. Well, there is nothing in King's writings or speeches that suggest that.”

“Gay community stop hijacking the civil rights movement,” he added  deets here

Where do i even begin? That didn't take long! Bigot, YOU are an insult to the civil rights movement. You are born gay the same way you are born with no choice of the color of your skin. However ignorance is a learned behavior which you obviously excelled in. Deviant behavior is not homosexuality, it is hate and discrimination, a practice you thrive in.

Martin Luther King. When King was assassinated the gay rights movement was not even on the radar. It was not part of our lexicon, as the same could be said for the civil rights movement at one time. But society and history changes, it grows. So we do not know what King would have thought specifically, however the person who would have the best idea of his opinion was his wife Coretta Scott King. Mrs. king has stated numerous times while she was alive that her husband would have supported gay rights, as she so strongly did. She believed that gay rights IS civil rights issue. Period. And that is fact.

It is very unfortunate to see your lack of intelligence. To not to see what is so obviously in front of your eyes and everyone else's, the hypocrisy, ignorance, bigotry and discrimination you are promoting when you own culture suffered the same thing...You should be embarrassed...

'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' Martin Luther King...

Ogden Utah Passes Gay Protection Policy...Mayor Threatens to Veto it...

On Tuesday, Ogden became the latest Utah city or municipality to approve a gay protections ordinance.

Eleven municipalities have already followed Salt Lake City's lead in approving legislation protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination.

Members of the Ogden City Council originally approved with a 4-3 vote the two ordinances that outlaw discrimination in the areas of employment and housing at a meeting last week, but Mayor Matthew Godfrey promised to veto them unless they included greater religious exceptions.

The new language straddles a fine line between protecting the right to speak out against gay people and outlawing discrimination. deets here

Rwanda Investigating Adult Male Circumcision sans Anesthesia....

The African nation of Rwanda recently set a goal of circumcising an estimated two million adult men by the end of 2012 to fight the spread of HIV, and is investigating a new nonsurgical device that is said to allow practitioners to perform the procedure in less than four minutes—without anesthesia.

The patent pending PrePex device includes an elastic mechanism that fits around an inner ring, trapping the penis foreskin—the loose fold of skin that covers its glans—which cuts its blood supply. The foreskin thereby dries up and can be safely removed after a week. Neither anesthetics nor sterile settings nor sutures are required—and no blood is lost. After the procedure the Rwandan government guidelines suggest that patients abstain from having sex for six weeks, which is also the case after conventional surgery. This device, it is hoped, could help scale up Rwanda's mass circumcision initiative. deets here

I am against circumcision. From the reports that i have read and by no means am i a medical professional but it questions the rates of reduction they claim. Remember this from the info that i have read. Condom use and education are the things that keep you safe and reduction in rates. I wonder now if by performing all these circumcisions, are men in these countries going to think they are safer now so using a condom is going to be less??

Former prison guard awarded $244K after antigay harassment....

A financial settlement has been reached for a former Ottawa prison guard who experienced a homophobic and "poisonous" work atmosphere at the hands of his previous boss.

After travelling back and forth from Ottawa to Toronto for more than 70 meetings with Correctional Services over the last decade, Robert Ranger, 50, was awarded $244,242 plus interest last month. He had been on long-term disability since 2002. He worked for 20 years as a prison guard, but he left his job at Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) because of homophobic torment he received from his superior and then-president of Correctional Services OPSEU Local 411, Mark Grady.

Ranger's settlement does not include damages, which will be decided later this year.

"[Both parties] agreed on the amount for lost wages for the grievor between 2002 and 2010, including shift premium and overtime. The parties also agreed on the LTIP paid to grievor and the interest payable if simple or compound," the decision reads. "This matter is scheduled to proceed with outstanding issues on damages in February and March, and I shall provide full reasons for the decision here in the final award on the remedy for the grievor."

The settlement follows a series of decisions the Grievance Settlement Board has already made in this case. A decision last year upheld a complaint filed against the Corrections Ministry that it allowed harassment against Ranger to continue unchecked from 1998 to 2002. During that time, Ranger worked at OCDC. When he left, it took 18 months for prison officials to begin investigating his complaints.

A 2010 decision, which named Grady as Ranger's chief bully, stated:

"The investigator examined three complaints against Mr Grady of alleged discrimination, harassment and poisoned work environment on the grounds of sexual orientation. Specific allegations included that the respondent 1) simulated sex acts to taunt the grievor, 2) repeated the word "cocksucker" in a manner that was not part of a conversation but in the presence of the grievor and 3) made sexual jokes during a training session on Feb 11, 2002, at the expense of the grievor."  deets here

Allegheny College march responds to anti-gay slur written on doors....

MEADVILLE, Pa. (AP) - Hundreds of students and faculty have marched across the Allegheny College campus to call attention to an anti-homosexual slur written on dormitory doors twice in recent weeks.

Officials at the college in Meadville say they're still investigating the incidents which occurred in mid-February and again earlier this month.

Wednesday night's march was organized by a campus group called Queers 'n Allies in cooperation with several other campus groups.

College president James Mullen says the investigation is ongoing.

The Meadville Tribune says students whose doors were targeted with the word aren't commenting publicly because they want to maintain their privacy. deets here

What cowards. I was the target of this type of hate once. I had queer spray painted on my car when i was a teenager and i will say this, not having the BALLZ to say it to the person face you so hate for some lame ass reason, should make you look in the mirror and see what a pathetically sad, small minded wus you are...Can i get an Amen up in here!

Sandra Bullock Donates A Million Dollars To Japan...

Actress Sandra Bullock sent a $1 million donation to the Amerian Red Cross this week to help with earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan, the Red Cross said Thursday.

It is the largest celebrity donation to the Red Cross to be announced since the disaster struck last Friday, although the charity may have gotten large contributions that were kept confidential at the donors' request. 
deets here


GLSEN and Pat Griffin unveil their new Sports Project, ‘Changing The Game’....

We’ve written about it here over the last few months, and now GLSEN is officially launching its Sports Project, ‘Changing The Game.’ The initiative is designed to combat homophobia in K-12 sports by opening conversations in schools and on teams about the issue. The project’s Web site provides resources for athletes, coaches and administrators to identify and tackle homophobia.

The Sport Project’s mission is to assist K-12 schools in creating and maintaining an athletic and physical education climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers and coaches regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and integrating these efforts into overall school plans to ensure a safe, respectful school climate and culture.

The project is headed up by Pat Griffin, who has been at the forefront of anti-homophobia initiatives in scholastic sports for decades. I also serve on the advisory board of about 20 people. Together we have developed a litany of resources for everyone in K-12 sports who want to target homophobia in their school and make it safer for LGBT athletes. One of the hallmarks is the Team Respect Challenge, which encourages entire teams to take a stand for fairness and inclusion, two key traits of successful sports teams.

Download and read GLSEN’s full press release here.

via outsports

Malaysia Radio Stations Alters "Born This Way" Promotes Discrimination and Bigotry...

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIAN radio stations worry some lyrics in Lady Gaga's gay anthem Born This Way are on the wrong track, baby.

The stations are refusing to play lyrics in the hit song that encourage public acceptance of gays.

The main private radio operator in this Muslim-majority country says it's being cautious because the government forbids potentially offensive content.

Broadcasters in the Muslim-majority country that have played Born This Way used indecipherable garble to replace the lyrics: 'No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track, baby.'

AMP Radio Networks said on Thursday in a statement to The Associated Press that those lyrics 'may be considered as offensive when viewed against Malaysia's social and religious observances. deets here

Well this does not surprise me know that it is a predominately gay hating Muslim country....

Video: Kathy Griffin Straight To Hell...

In honor of Kathy's new Bravo special tonight at 9pm, here are two funny as shitz clips from her previous special "Straight to Hell". No one makes me laugh more than this broad...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gay Agenda Hiding In Mini Mouse's Penis Dress...

Ok, Lols...This is whacked out bible beating at its best. Some gay hater at the believes because of Disney's pro gay stance, we the gays, are using the mouse house to further our big bad gay agenda...Love it. Below is an exert from a post at the site i mention above ( i am not putting a link because i do not want a link back to my site from these skanks) but feel free to check them out for you own shitz and giggles....Ok i will admit it does look like a peen but seriously if i just saw the photo i would never have seen the big blue penis that is Mini Mouse's dress...I mean these bible nutters have some serious dick on their minds...Well i guess thats what happens when your so pent up from your legs being crossed for so long....

"Many parents refuse to accept that Disney has questionable morals, because they want to have a vacation at Disney Land and Disney World. Liberals will yelp and jump up and down, saying Disney does not need to be super-regulated by the FCC and a Christian overview commitee because they have shown clear inability to govern themselves. They allow gays to have pride marches and they continue to support gay marriage and gay child abduction adoption and you parents must realize that the gays are using Disney as part of their sick agenda to take over Aermica.

Just look at this phallic propaganda they have placed in a new Mickey Mouse Cartoon. You would think all is just innocent fun games in Disney, but when you look closer with an inspector’s eye you see what they are truly stuffing down your child’s eye in their ‘cartoons’.

I'm guessing about 5 inches in real life size. What do you think? Blue balls anyone?

Gang Bang....

Sauna Time...

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble ...

Before you watch the video below, i just want to let you know this story has a happy ending or i would not have posted it. This is so true about the loyalty of dogs. I love it. But the devastation in Japan also extends to our furry little friends...

It's a universal truth that dogs are man's best friend, but they're pretty darn loyal to their own as well. Case in point: this tear-inducing video, via the website Jezebel, showing a dog, shivering and disoriented, remaining loyally by the side of a stricken fellow canine amid the devastation of the Japanese tsunami.

UPDATE: CNN and the UK Telegraph have both reported that the dogs have been rescued since the footage aired, and are both receiving veterinary care; the more seriously wounded dog is at a clinic in the city of Mito, while the protective spaniel-type dog is receiving care at a shelter in the same town.

Virgin America: A Great Gay Airline....

I started flying Virgin America last year and i can't say enough good things about it. So i am even more happy that i came across this interview with a director at Virgin about their support for the LGBT community...

Christine Morehead, Director of People at Virgin America, talks about the support that Virgin America has provided for the LGBT community.

Does Virgin America have any groups or organizations for LGBTA employees?

As a new airline, Virgin America is serious about building community, both in our internal operations and in the communities where we work. As part of our initiatives to ensure that all teammates are offered an equal and positive work environment, Virgin America is in the process of forming an LGBT Advisory Team led by teammate volunteers.

The standing committee plans to be devoted to improving climate and diversity within Virgin America and throughout the communities that we serve via collaboration with leaders, departments, and other groups within the company. To date we have received a lot of positive feedback in this area. We’ve been named one of the best places to work by the HRC and voted best airline by and Planet Out for our welcoming environment.

Does Virgin America offer benefits to employees in domestic partners relationships?

Virgin America is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, or disability. In 2010, the HRC named Virgin America one of the best places to work for LGBT community members for our inclusive benefits plan, non-discrimination policies, anti-discrimination training, and marketing efforts. You can read more about our benefits here.

Does Virgin America cater to the LGBT community in regards to travel? If so, what does Virgin do to target and reach the LGBT demographic? get the rest of the deets here...

Student Removed From Dorm For Being Gay...

Jesse Cruz, a junior at New Jersey’s Seton Hall, says he was unfairly removed from his dorm room because he is gay and is now suing the school for emotional and psychological trauma. According to New Jersey paper The Record, the public relations student paid close to $4,000 for a full semester of housing and was assigned to a double room at the school’s Xavier Hall.

Seton’s policy allows for any student who is unhappy with their living arrangement for any reason to request a new room on “Room Change Day.” However, when Cruz’s roommate complained that he didn’t want to be paired with Cruz, it was Cruz who was removed, not the person who had filed the complaint.

In a lawsuit filed Monday, Cruz alleges that he was reassigned to another building because of his sexual orientation.

A lawyer representing Seton Hall wrote that “the University has never taken any action against Mr. Cruz based on his sexual preference.”

Cruz has since been returned to his original dorm and has not had any problems with his new roommate.

“On a moral level, we are seeking to make sure that this never happens again,” said Cruz’s attorney, Rosemarie Arnold. “We as parents send our children into the real world for the first time when we send them to college, and we expect the college to treat them responsibly.” deets here

Gay Couples Can't Use Turbo Tax In Cali This Year...

Gay couples in California – whether registered domestic partners or married – won’t be able to use the popular software TurboTax to file their tax returns this year.

TurboTax has been working to update its software to account for new tax rules that apply only to committed same sex couples in three states: California, Washington, and Nevada. But in an e-mail Tuesday night company spokesperson Ashley Kirkendall said, “This is a very complicated tax area and, unfortunately, we are not able to provide the step-by-step guidance that our customers are accustomed to at this time.”

TurboTax tried, but couldn’t figure it all out in time for this tax season.

So the company has this advice for gay couples: “Seek professional guidance from a CPA or Enrolled Agent.”

The Bay Citizen broke the story in January about how a 2010 IRS decision requiring income splitting for committed gay couples would make it difficult to file returns. That’s because the rest of the tax code is still governed by the Defense of Marriage Act, which only recognizes heterosexual marriages as legit. deets here

See all the problems DOMA and all these anti-gay marriage laws cause? 

Amendment barring same-sex marriage unnecessary and vague, IU legal expert tells Senate panel...

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- In testimony today before the Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee, an Indiana University Maurer School of Law expert on marriage equality spoke against the adoption of a joint resolution that would amend the Indiana Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

"Even those of you who are firmly opposed to same-sex marriage should not vote for this amendment," Professor Deborah Widiss told the committee. "Indiana law already prohibits same-sex marriage, and the proposed amendment is vague and could lead to unintended and unfortunate consequences." deets here

2 Bucks For Penis Fruit...

This lady in Brazil charges 2 bucks to view her penis fruit...

Newt Gingrich Secretly Funneled $350,000 To Anti-Gay Hate Groups Last Year

Big surprise here. Newt Gingrich is a scumbag...There really is nothing else to say...

Last year, former Speaker Newt Gingrich offered his vocal support for the ultimately successful campaign to oust three of the nine Iowa Supreme Court justices who had unanimously ruled in favor of marriage equality. As Gingrich courts social conservativeswhile exploring a possible presidential bid, new disclosures from his camp indicate that he and his associates bankrolled more than one-third of the $850,000 campaign to remove the Iowa justices.

ThinkProgress previously reported on $200,000 that Gingrich funneled from an anonymous donor to the anti-marriage equality group Iowa for Freedom, which was also being funded by AFA Action, the political arm of the virulently anti-gay American Family Association. The Associated Press revealed yesterday that one of the cogs in Gingrich’s vast network of business enterprises and front groups, ReAL Action, provided $125,000 to AFA Action. The Des Moines Register reported this morning that ReAL Action also contributed $25,000 to yet another Iowa anti-LGBT group, the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition.

AFA is not only of the nation’s most prominent anti-LGBT groups, it has been officially labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As ThinkProgress has reported, the AFA is known for making incendiary comments about gays, including blaming gays for crop failure and various other biblical plagues, claiming that Hitler was gay, saying lesbians can’t be justices, equating gay sex with domestic terrorism, and equating gay sex to heroin, just to cite a few examples. get the full deets here

Hillary Clinton Says No To Second Term...

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer she does not want to serve a second term as secretary of state or run for president of the United States.

Blitzer sat down with the former 2008 presidential candidate in Cairo.

Q- If the president is reelected, do you want to serve a second term as secretary of state?


Q- Would you like to serve as secretary of defense?


Q- Would you like to be vice president of the United States?


Q- Would you like to be president of the United States?


deets here

4 NY Times Journalist Missing...Hits Home....

This story hits a bit home for me. Two of the journalist missing are from my home town. We went to school together. Lynsey Addario is friends with my sister and Linsey's sister Leslie went to school with me. Our families know each others fondly. Tyler Hicks was also in school with us. I only hope that all four of them are found safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all....

Four journalists for The New York Times are missing in Libya, the newspaper said Wednesday on its website.

Editors at the paper said they had last been in touch with the journalists on Tuesday morning, Eastern time, the paper reported. They said they received secondhand information that "members of its reporting team on the ground in the port city of Ajdabiya had been swept up by Libyan government forces." A battle raged Wednesday in Ajdabiya between government troops and rebels.

The Times has not been able to confirm those reports, Bill Keller, the newspaper's executive editor, said on the newspaper's website.

"We have talked with officials of the Libyan government in Tripoli, and they tell us they are attempting to ascertain the whereabouts of our journalists," he said. "We are grateful to the Libyan government for their assurance that if our journalists were captured they would be released promptly and unharmed."

Libyan rebel: We've seen heavy gunfire

Photographer captures grenade attack

The paper identified the journalists as Anthony Shadid, its bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon, and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for foreign reporting; Stephen Farrell, a reporter and videographer who was kidnapped by the Taliban and rescued by British commandos in 2009; and Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario, photographers who have covered the Middle East and Africa.

"Their families and their colleagues at The Times are anxiously seeking information about their situation, and praying that they are safe," Keller said.

Libyan government forces told CNN Wednesday they have no information about where the journalists may be and said that, if they were picked up by the Libyan military, they would be returned to Tripoli.

Shadid was shot in the shoulder by the Israeli Army in Ramallah in the spring of 2002.

Farrell routinely reports from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Before joining The New York Times in 2007, he worked for the Times of London. In April 2004, he was kidnapped on assignment in Falluja, Iraq.

Hicks, a staffer for the paper, is based in Istanbul and has served as an embed in Afghanistan.

In a 2004 interview with the StarNews of Wilmington, Delaware, Hicks described how he felt about his job: "Covering conflicts is a very rewarding experience because you can bring attention to global issues," Hicks said. "When I'm working and a photograph appears in The New York Times, I always remind myself of who is seeing that photograph" and the number of people it may have reached, he said. "That is when I can go to bed at night and feel good about what I have done that day."

Addario, who won a MacArthur "genius" award in 2009, is a freelancer based in Delhi, India.

Addario and Hicks are both from Westport, Connecticut.  deets here

Kurt And Blane Kiss....

Here is the kiss from last nights glee. Although i think this clip was some how reversed, like a flipped flip negative but anyway its till the same....

Claws Come Out: 2 Glendale Cali Politicians Out Each Other...

- (from left) Mike Mohill and John Drayman

Things have gotten ugly between Glendale, Calif., city council candidate Mike Mohill and incumbent John Drayman.

Last week, during a city council meeting, Drayman announced to the room that Mohill had been arrested three times, twice in the 1980s for soliciting lewd acts in a public place.

According to the Montrose Patch, Mohill slouched and shrugged, then walked out of the meeting. He returned later, and the meeting continued, but Mohill refused to comment on the accusations.

Tuesday night, he responded, saying he has been married since 1977, he is gay, and that the two charges brought against him in the '80s for solicitation of lewd acts were the product of him having "gay sex in public."

He said his wife has known he is gay since the arrests and that the two maintain a "marriage in which we share a powerful affection and respect for each other."

He then went on to rail against Drayman, blaming him for making this campaign "personal" rather than "public." He then went on to say Drayman "reputed to be gay himself."

"I would hope this statement would satisfy ... lewd curiosity,” Mohill said in a statement. “I'm not so naive as to believe this statement, as agonizing as it [is], will not severely hurt my election chances. How badly, only time will tell." deets here

Now Krystle and Alexis play nice. There is no need to get the gay drama on. Nobody cares if you are putting from the rough or have gotten a bj in a park, we have all been there, well not me (i only do it on the beach ;)  But still, retract your manni-ed nails and get the job done and i'm not talking the hand one....Two snaps and a rewind...
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