Today in Disgusting: Nigeria’s Anti-Homosexual Laws Also Apply to Tourists…

Nigeria SUCKS ASS….

A bill passed in the Nigerian Senate last month that criminalizes same-sex unions and certain related activities would also apply to tourists, including those from the U.S., according to a government spokesman.

Political Adviser to the President Alhaji Ahmed Gulak told reporters Monday that Nigerians will not let their legislature be influenced by Western governments.

“This is Nigerian law; it is not American law and if you are an American and you come to Nigeria, you must subject yourself to our law and if you are caught violating this law or any other law, you will be prosecuted accordingly,” Gulak said.

According to the legislation, known as the Bill for an Act to Prohibit Marriage or Civil Union,” only marriages contracted between a man and a woman either under Islamic Law, Customary Law or the Marriage Act is recognized as valid in Nigeria,” according to the Senate’s website.

via Nigeria’s Anti-Homosexual Laws Also Apply to Tourists, Says Gov’t, Christian News.

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