Naked teens boys, Coaches charged…

 Three coaches taking a team to Rogers landed in hot water earlier this month when police caught several of their kids supposedly running around naked on the side of the highway.

It happened on Dec. 9 shortly after midnight on I-40 near mile marker 54. According to the incident report, a witness saw several boys, ranging from age 11-17, playing a game referred to as “freeze out”. The boys didn’t have on any clothes, so the witness called police.

The coaches, who work with Champion Baptist College in Hot Springs, said their van was stopped to change a flat tire. They said they didn’t know they boys had taken off their clothing.

Um, you have a van full of teens that strip naked and run around the highway and you do not know they are naked?

The report says the coaches were questioned and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The school, as well as the boys’ parents, were notified. The team was release with the parents’ permission and allowed to continue on to Rogers.

For those of you not in the know of what Freeze Out is (like me) here you go:

Everyone strips down to theres skibbys(aka the least amount of clothes your willing to wear in mixed company) and you turn on the air conditionaing to freezing cold, roll down all the windows and see who lasts the longest, this is ment to be played in the cold, or you can play freeze out how i play, get into your swimsuit, and lay in the snow(prefibly during a blizzard) and see who can stand making a snow angel for the longest.
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