Catholic Church Wants Chicago Gay Parade rerouted…

It’s the Catholic Church vs. the gays (again) as Chicago’s annual pride parade is being rerouted next summer past a 125-year-old cathedral. The new route—chosen by the city to help alleviate overcrowding—will take the June 24 parade along Belmont Avenue, right past Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. And the local clergy are raising a holy furor about it.

They argue that the march—which is starting earlier this year, at 10am, to curb drinking–will disrupt Sunday Mass and block parishioners from entering the church.

In 2011, the parade played host to a record-breaking 800,000 people and seems to grow even larger next year. Church representatives, who say they might have to suspend Sunday masses for the first time in nearly 100 years, are circulating petitions urging the city to change the route and start time once again.

Rev. Thomas Srenn, the church’s pastor, says otherwise: “Many of our parishioners will be at the parade and some will be in the parade,” Srenn told the Chicago Tribune. “The parish reflects all that diversity. It has nothing to do with the theme of the parade. The change of route and the time brought it right in the heart of our sacred time.”

Hmm, well i am skeptical of any catholic churches motivation… 

via Catholic Church To Chicago Gay Parade: Not On Our Turf / Queerty.

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