Bullied Teen Shares Story of Pain in You Tube Video, Heartbreaking…

This video just absolutely destroyed my day. If i could take every bully on this earth and show them what it i like to be on the recieving end of their abuse, their would not be a bully left to walk any school hall way…

I am posting both videos the first and the follow up, you will be happy with the end result…

A teenage boy named Jonah Mowry posted the above video to YouTube in August, in which he uses note cards to share the heartbreaking story of what a lifetime of being bullied has done to him. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, by one of the bravest boys I’ve never met.

“I get bullied every day,” Jonah explains, adding that the abuse he’s suffered from classmates—including being called “gay,” “fag,” “dick,” “douche,” and “homo”—began when he was first grade. “I’ve cut… a lot,” he writes on another note card, before displaying several self-mutilation scars for the camera. “Suicide has been an option… many times.”

Jonah then reveals he’s about to start eighth grade. But since he has only one close friend remaining, he’s not ready to return to school. “I’m scared to go back,” he writes, before explaining why in the following set of note cards (which I’ve edited for spelling, punctuation and clarity):

A lot of people hate me. I don’t know why.

But I guess I do, because I kind of hate me, too.

I can’t do this anymore. I’m tired of being torn down and then building myself up, only to be torn down again.

But I’m not going anywhere. Because I’m stronger than that.

And I have a million reasons to be here.

Now for the good news:

Update: As commenter nightelfmohawk points out, Jonah just posted this new video to YouTube, in which he thanks everyone for the love and support they’ve shown to him in the past few hours. Jonah also dismisses any suggestion his original video was fake. “Yes, three months ago I decided to make a fake video about how I was being bullied for being gay just for attention,” he says sarcastically. “Really? No.”

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