Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff: I’m most certainly not gay…

I have never heard of him but anyway Jackie claim he’s not a mo…

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff dismisses reports that he gave an interview to a Pakistani website about his sexual preference and clarifies that he is not gay.

“Can you believe it? Bas ab yehi baqi reh gaya tha. Logon ko kaam-dhanda nahin hai. Bas, yehi sab… For the record, I’ve never spoken to any journalist on this subject and certainly made no such declaration. Main pagal hoon kya,” he said.

“In any case, what’s the big deal about sexual preference? If one is gay, one is gay. If I was, I’d have no qualms in accepting it. But the fact is, I am most certainly not. And I’m surprised at the audacity of the journalist who cooked up this imaginary scandal,” added the 54-year-old

via I’m most certainly not gay, says Jackie Shroff – The Times of India.

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