Bad History: Government gay witch hunt during the 50′s & 60′s….

I strongly believe that every gay person should know our history. What the gay culture has endured, where we started from and where we are today. A lot of young people i speak to have no idea of the history of hate leveled against us. So when a documentary comes around the exposes a piece of that history, I strongly suggest everyone watch it. 

In the 50′s and 60′s, our government conducted a witch hunt to get every single gay man and woman, out of federal job positions. They used threats, intimidation and exposure if they only “suspected” that you were gay. It was the McCarthy era and gays were looked upon as worse than communists…

The documentary The Lavender Scare  documents this awful time in our history. Watch the trailer below.

in 1953, the president of the united states ordered the firing of every gay man and woman working for the government.thousands lost their jobs. some lost their lives. before a courageous few fought back.

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