Another Teen takes his life because of Bullying….Uggggggg.

I want to scream. I just do not understand these school officials NOT DOING ANYTHING to protect children. They need to be held accountable….

Friends say the young man took his own life because he couldn’t take any more bullying.

And they say school officials knew about the torment but didn’t do enough to stop it.

Friends say that kids bullied Jacob Rogers at Cheatham County Central High School for the past four years, but in the past few months it had become so bad he dropped out of school.

And Wednesday, he ended his life.

“He started coming home his senior year saying ‘I don’t want to go back. Everyone is so mean. They call me a f****, they call me gay, a queer,’” friend Kaelynn Mooningham said.

Kaelynn said her friend Jacob felt ignored.

“Jacob told me no one was helping him. He constantly was going to guidance,” she said.

But Cheatham County Schools Director Dr. Tim Webb said the school was only aware of one incident of bullying.

“She actually intervened and called the students in accused of bullying or picking. She called them in, talked to them and gave them warnings. Subsequently after that, she ran into the student and asked him if things were better and he indicated that things were better,” Webb said.

But Kaelynn knows that Jacob wasn’t OK. Things were still so bad around Thanksgiving that he ultimately quit going to school.

“No one would listen and stand up for him,” she said.

Brentwood attorney Larry Crane has worked on several cases involving bullying where schools failed to do enough.

“It just doesn’t have to make sense. How many kids have to die before Cheatham does something,” she said.

Kaelynn says Jacob lived with his grandmother who primarily took care of him. She found a couple notes that Jacob left for her. In those notes Jacob left passwords to his email and his phone so investigators could determine why he chose to kill himself.

Jacob’s family does not have enought to pay for his funeral, so if you can donate please see the address below or visit Sandman’s Ink Shop facebook page here

1102 N. Main Street, Ashland City, TN 37015

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 2 p.m. to 12 a.m.

(615) 792-0506

via Friends say classmate killed self after bullying on sexuality – WSMV Channel 4.

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