2 Male Employees Allege Sexual/anti-gay Harassment at Car Dealership…

Two former employees of AutoNation, a car dealership which professes on its website to be “America’s largest automotive retailer,” have filed a complaint against the business. They had worked at one of the company’s locations in California. They allege improper conduct from employers directed at the both of them as well as other workers, stating that the behavior stemmed from the employees’ sex, sexual orientation, disability, weight. They claim that it was a requirement to join others at a strip club or a brothel. They further allege that employers attempted to coerce at least one employee into participating in sexual endeavors with a prostitute and that workers had no choice but to work in a “sexually charged environment.”

According to the complaint, AutoNation has already been sued for prejudice against homosexuals and likewise “does not recognize the partnership status of gays in California for purposes of employee benefits as provided by law and does not list sexual orientation in its handbooks as one of the protected categories from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.” One of the employees is homosexual and was allegedly subjected to homophobic slurs. The other employee is not gay but also complained of derogatory comments due to the fact that he vocalized his support of his fellow worker. One of the men was reportedly sent a text intended for a supervisor which referenced “getting that [homosexual] out of the store.” A few weeks later, the workers’ employment was terminated.

via Former Male Employees Allege Sexual Harassment at Car Dealership | www.humanresourcesjournal.com.

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