Study: Ex-gay therapy is not working…

A study of “ex-gay” people showed that the majority of them could not cure their sexual orientation. And for the ones that claim the had? Here is what i will say, if you are attracted to the same sex, you are attracted to the same sex. Period. There is no cure…Just ask George Rekers

They study was conducted with the use of Exodus International, a dumbass group the believes you can “kinda” cure your gayness, but it’s “complicated”. Duh…idiots…

Ninety-eight of its longtime members participated in a study published in the October issue of the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. After seven years, 72 still were participating in the study, and of those, nearly a quarter said their orientation had changed. A third said they had lessened same-sex attraction and were celibate.

Even with its mixed results, both the researchers and the American Psychological Association fear the study could be used to force people into ex-gay ministries like Exodus, which neither group believes is appropriate.

via Ex-gay ministry backs off ‘all can be cured’ stance | The Tennessean |

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