Paul Mitchell’s Son Angus Sued for grabbing crotch, watching guy urinate, and rubbing his peen on guys face…

Sounds hot to me! but all kidding aside, Angus is being sued for some inappropriate conduct with a fellow employee….

The son of famed hairstylist Paul Mitchell , Angus Mitchell is being sued by an ex-employee named Richard Flett — who filed a lawsuit last week in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he was wrongfully terminated … after being exposed to Mitchell’s “bizarre” sexual harassment and rampant drug use on the job.

Among the accusations — Flett claims Angus snuck into his hotel room to watch Flett’s penis while he slept, he “repeatedly” grabbed Flett’s crotch in front of co-workers, he “ostentatiously” watched Flett urinate, and once shoved his crotch into Flett’s face in order to hump it.

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