Most likely No Hate Crime Charges For 2 Arrested In Texas Anti-Gay Beating And Burning…

This is insane and it sends a bad message. The dirtbags who brutally attacked Burke Burnett with a broken beer bottles and then threw him On a fire pit will most likely not face hate crime charges.

Hate crimes charges appear unlikely for the two men just arrested for the brutal hate crime beating and burning of a gay Texas man this weekend, despite the obvious anti-​gay nature of their attack, including anti-​gay slurs. Burke Burnett was tracked by four men who knew him and knew he is gay. They stabbed him twice with a broken beer bottle, narrowly missing his lungs, beat him, and then when they were done threw him onto a lit fire which left him with second-​degree burns and requiring more than 30 stitches.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the brutal assault of a gay man early Sunday in Reno, Texas — which the victim and his friends say was a hate crime.

Reno Police Chief Jeff W. Sugg announced in a two-​sentence statement this morning that Daniel Martin, 33, and James “Tray” Mitchell Lasiter, 31, have been arrested in the beating of 26-​year-​old Burke Burnett.

Myrick said it will be up the Lamar County District Attorney’s Office to determine whether the case is prosecuted as a hate crime.

“That’s not our decision,” she said.

Under Texas law, there is no penalty enhancement for a hate crime if the offense is a first-​degree felony, making it highly unlikely that prosecutors would pursue such a designation.

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