Miz Cooper’s Daytime Talker Renewed…

In my quest to limit my tv list from growing (which never works) I have not seen Anderson’s new show yet. Is it good? Well it must be because it has been renewed for a second year. Are gays begining to rule daytime? First Ellen now Anderson, who’s next, Jack McFarland with “just jack”?

Anderson, the talk show launched in September by Anderson Cooper, has been renewed for a second year by the Fox stations, and elsewhere, including a key upgrade in the crucial New York City market..

The one-hour talk, news and lifestyle show has been airing on WPIX in New York, which is better known for its block of confrontational shows. Next fall it will  move to WNYW, which is likely to be a better fit and provide a more suitable home for the show, which shoots in New York at Lincoln Center’s The Allen Room, overlooking Central Park.

via Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show Renewed – The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Sozo

    I’ve seen a few of the shows, they’re not bad. Some are far better than others.

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