“I Want Your Love” now a feature length film, coming soon…

I saw the original short and it was HOT. It is about two men who meet and have sex. The film is explicit but extremely erotic. I can’t wait to see the feature length…Travis Mathews makes a great film. He’s cute too!

Below is the teaser for the feature length and the second one is the original “i want your love” short.

“I Want Your Love,” Travis Mathews’ explicit queer short film that played at a few festivals last year, has been expanded to feature length. The film comes with stamps of approval from no less than John Cameron Mitchell and Andrew Haigh, so “I Want Your Love” won’t be overlooked if Sundance is looking for an uncensored glimpse at gay romance.

via I Want Your Love on Sundance Wish List | The Sword.


I WANT YOUR LOVE -teaser from Travis Mathews on Vimeo.

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