Here is the scumbag that murdered gay flight attendant in Mexico…

The attorney for the City of Mexico, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, reported that it is José Luis Cuellar and José Manuel Lira Perez Ramirez, alias “The Shadow,” 20 years of age, who entered the hotel together with his victim between 3:53 and 04:00 hours of the day in question.

“Once inside the room the alleged offender struck the U.S. citizen to subdue him and tie with a wrist strap and later strangled with a belt, stripped of their belongings in cash and the shedding of the safe” the official said.

“The Shadow” Aaronson met George Nicholas, who worked as a surcharge of U.S. Airways, the gay bar name Cine Club located in the vicinity of the Alameda Central.

via The Captured Shadow, murderer of American Excelsior surcharge.

  1. Lucifer

    He’s ugly. The victim had to of been drunk. Guys like this I like inviting them over and putting something in their and then have fun with them and when they come to they never suspect anything.
    Those jails in Mexico are no fun. Go around comes around.

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