Gay Murder: Ex-boyfriend opens fire on ex in bar!

This is awful! Omg. Wtf?

An arrest report is revealing a tale of horror in the attack that left a beloved bartender dead.

Police now say his ex-boyfriend shot him more than a dozen times inside The Garage on Monday morning around 5:30 a.m.

Tracy Kauffman allegedly stormed into the popular gay bar and immediately began shooting at Phil Wells.

Wells ran into a storeroom where Kauffman chased after him. Documents say the 50-year-old fired 15 more shots into Wells’ back and head. He then reportedly reloaded his handgun and continued firing until his ammunition ran dry.

Two customers ran out the front door and called 911.

According to documents, Tracy Kauffman flew to Las Vegas from Knoxville, Tennessee, purely out of anger. He reportedly felt that Phil Wells had taken advantage of him.

Family and friends of Phil Wells have told Action News that the 29-year-old moved to Las Vegas mainly to distance himself from Kauffman.

On Tuesday, The Garage reopened, and patrons filled the bar for a fundraiser.

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