Douchebag of the Day: NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan Claims Deception, Plans to Fight Marriage Equality in Other States…

New York’s archbishop Timothy Dolan says he wants to help other states prevent the passing of marriage equality, which he calls “very sad, very sobering,” while being interviewed on World Over.

Dolan shakes his head in disgust and tells host Raymond Arroyo that he has insights he’s sharing with his fellow bishops. Dolan also claims that “the believing community” was deceived by the state’s politicians leading up to the historic vote in June that allowed same-sex couples to marry in the state of New York. “This was hardly democracy in action,” Dolan insists. “We were told when we were fighting hard against this, we said the next step is we’re going to be sued if we don’t do marriages, we’re going to be harassed if we don’t do receptions, penalized if we don’t allow adoption…” Dolan says he and other bishops examined whether they did something wrong, but determined they had fallen for the assurance of people they considered political allies that “this wasn’t going to go anywhere.”

via NY Archbishop Claims Deception, Plans to Fight Marriage Equality in Other States | News | The Advocate.

  1. Lucifer

    You gotta have those straight folk around to have kids so they fuck them, right Dolan? you P O S!

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