Douchebag of the day: GOProud’s Chris R Barron attacks the gays for being Gestapo’s…

Chris Barron has the honor of being douchebag of the day again. Barron was on the Tucker Carlson’s show bitching us big bad gays beating up on him and his bitch boy Jimmy Sue LaSalvia…

“GLAAD is the leading mouthpiece for the gay Gestapo in this country. While pretending to be the vanguard for tolerance and diversity, the gay Gestapo is actually committed to stomping out anyone who doesn’t buy into their radical left-wing political agenda. For all the talk of “tolerance” and “diversity,” it is clear that there is zero tolerance for ideological diversity with the gay Gestapo.

GLAAD’s tag line is “Words and images matter.” Of course, this didn’t stop GLAAD from giving its “Blogger of the Year Award” to Joe Jervis of the blog “Joe My God.” Jervis’s blog, which has been the subject of a Daily Caller story in the past, regularly attacks gay conservatives. As was pointed out in the Daily Caller story from earlier this year, “Jervis’s site is littered with hateful and misogynistic comments on his message boards …”

Unbelievably, Jervis goes as far as allowing calls for actual violence against gay conservatives to stand on his site. On two separate occasions, Jervis has openly ridiculed incidents of violent anti-gay hate crimes against gay conservatives. Apparently, words and images don’t matter to GLAAD’s members as long as the subject of those attacks is someone they disagree with politically.

Joe Jervis responds:

Everybody got that? We’re the “dumb as shit gay left Taliban”  and “the gay Gestapo,” but don’t call THEM any naughty names! Cuz that’s just mean! Such language makes Jimmy LaSalvia’s frosted bangs positively quiver with lady rage! Oh well, at least they’re taking time out from their regular Twitter campaign of calling me fat.

via GOProud’s Chris R Barron Calls GLAAD, The Gay Community, and Joe Jervis “The Gay Gestapo” | Back2Stonewall.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-12-2011

    Ah yes, the Squabble Culture – that’s we live in — so in sense both Joe and Chris are right — one calls the other “fat” and the, um, fat guy calls the other an “idiot.” Both throw around intemperate language and accuse each other of being henchman to some unspeakably horrible foreign cause. Then you come along and defend Joe and call Chris a douchebag. Why? Is not the behavior of both bad? Sure it is — and gayness — as I say everywhere — has absolutely no bearing on any other political issue such as the tax rates, the wars our military wages, nor on whether General Motors or Citibank should have been bailed out. These other issues of politics and our nation are not gay-related. Whether or not gays had full and equal rights and acceptance or not, or even didn’t exist — would not make one whit’s effect upon any of it.

    Meanwhile, on many gay websites, I get quite a bit of nastiness directed to me. Truth be told, I also get a lot of anti-gay and rather personal nastiness at Tea Party & Republican websites. Well, I did, for I simply did not stoop to that sort of squabble and simply said “Well, sir, this is how you are mistaken…” or “Ma’am, here’s an interesting statistic from …” and lo, the nastiness subsided — for I was simply “unhateable” as one website editor said — I’m simply too nice, with nary a harsh word — and no personal attacks or calling people names — nor trying to silence them.

    I have found it extraordinarily odd that liberal-left gays seem to want to shush me on any matter other than gayness (for how could they be against me on that, eh?) — they tell me to STFU, call me idiot, risible, and worse. Why? Merely because I don’t think $1.5 trillion in deficit spending last year was better than what I thought was the horrible $500 billion deficit in Bush’s last year? This is not the place to argue that — the point is — why am I told to STFU merely because I disagree on a budget matter? Explain your budget ideas, as I try — don’t tell me to shush.

    You know, I also tell little personal stories, to illustrate a point — like this one: just last week some woman I met on FB through a very good gay friend of mine told me to shush about “government” until I read some book she fancied and I came to its conclusions. Then she added, “but you’re just some ignorant Christian who doesn’t want to listen to what anyone says.” And when I was done laughing, I said — “Ma’am, I shall go to the library in the AM and get the book, indeed — for I precisely want to hear your views on the matter, or those you think good.”

    So I went and got the book — and lo, it’s a bit nutty, contradictory, with a one sided view of things — a rather good polemic if one is a NY Times reporter, like the author was — so I started to dissect the logic, the facts, the inconsistencies — and presented it the woman — and Lo, now I’m a bigger idiot than ever, apparently, or someone just not to be spoken to — merely because I question the factual data and the conclusions drawn which she fancies — and that I don’t immediately jump to her conclusions, whatever they are. And I find that astounding.

    And I’ve wondered before about many people’s utter nastiness, which I cannot bring myself to do. And I do so again — are we really a nation that simply calls everyone who disagrees with us an “Idiot” and somehow this will fix a problem? Man, I sure hope not. Especially between gays, who face a much bigger challenge than whether the budget is this or that amount.

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