Documentary: Falcon Studio’s founder and Gay Rights activist Chuck Holmes…

Chuck Holmes built a gay porn empire, then used that fortune to help fund the gay rights movement — only to find that while his money was welcome, his association often wasn’t.

More than anyone in gay culture, Chuck Holmes changed the way we saw ourselves. Though the 80s and 90s Falcon dominated the industry, and that Falcon style became our ideal. Preppy, smooth, self-assured, blond. The boy next door. It was a video imperative that for three decades influenced millions of gay men across the country, in cities and in closets.

But it went beyond image. Using his Falcon fortune, Chuck gave millions to organizations like the HRC, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and politicians like Barney Frank and Bill Clinton. Chuck quietly worked to reshape the gay movement from liberation to lobbying, from hippies to political action committees, from outsiders to insiders.  But despite the money and the philanthropy, Chuck himself never quite fit in himself. Though he was a prodigious philanthropist, he lived in fear that his ‘dirty money’ would be returned. And he was sometimes right.

via Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story by Michael Stabile — Kickstarter.

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