Awesome woman of the day: Bar Manager Sharon Pasutti “They thought it was funny, we don’t” Trans Woman Harassed in Des Moines Bar…

It’s not just the laws in Iowa that progressive, it’s the people too! A transgender woman was at Z’s Bar & Grill with friends minding her p’s & q’s when some jerk off, on a $100 dollar bet walked by and ripped off her wig. So juvenile it is insane. The perp was a city of Des Moines employee. In the words of Mr. Heart (from 9 to 5) “fire the bitch”

But in the video below, Sharon Pasutti who is the bar manager, had no patience for this kind of bigoted behavior. Watch what she says, Love it!

“They thought it was funny, and we don’t,” said bar manager Sharon Pasutti. “I don’t feel that anybody has the right to do that to anybody.”

On Monday the city of Des Moines added gender identity to its antidiscrimination policy.

via Trans Woman Harassed in Des Moines Bar | News | The Advocate.


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