Anti-gay Drama in the pageant world again:Miss Virginia USA Allegedly Lashes Out At Gay Roommate With Homophobic Slurs

Booze and Tiaras do not mix honey. and if you really want to offend a gay person tell them they are hideous dressers, can’t dance and are dirty because cock suckers we are and Faggot is so passé…

A handful of people in Richmond, Virginia are calling on the Miss Universe Organization to speak out against current Miss Virginia Nikki Poteet, after the 24-year-old crown bearer allegedly directed homophobic slurs towards her gay roommate at a party on Saturday, October 29th. In a letter directed to the organization, Derek Powell — Poteet’s roommate since January 2011 — claims Poteet became “extremely violent and physical and proceeded to call me and my boyfriend ‘faggots’ and ‘cocksuckers’” at around 2 a.m. at their group house in Richmond, Virginia. Poteet denied the allegations during a phone conversation with ThinkProgress, but admitted to some sort of altercation. “One of his friends proceeded to say things that didn’t need to be said,” she said.

via EXCLUSIVE: Miss Virginia USA Lashes Out At Gay Roommate With Homophobic Slurs | ThinkProgress.

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