25 Percent Of Gay/Bi Men Don’t Mouth Kiss…What??

That is the best part! A new study conducted by the Kinsey Institute, manhunt.com and Dlist (what a perfect 3-way). found that 25% of gay men/Bi men don’t exchange spit. Wtf? 

“As highlighted in the community report, the sexual experiences that men are having are not all homogenous. For example, less than 40% of men engaged in anal intercourse during their last sexual event, challenging the notion that ‘gay sex always = anal sex.’  By providing this information to our members, we hope to normalize their sexual behaviors and ultimately reduce existing stereotypes about gay and bisexual men,” says David S. Novak, managing director at OLB Research Center (an arm of Online Buddies, Inc., parent company of Manhunt and DList).

A few of the stats the study highlights:

-25 percent of men did not kiss their partner on the mouth the last time they had sex

visit the website here to check out a bunch of different stats.. It’s interactive and fun.

via 25 Percent Of Gay/Bi Men Don’t Mouth Kiss And Other Sex Stats Revealed In Landmark Same-Sex Study.

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