Video: Crime fighting Drag Queens…

If only this was reality! Jeza Belle, Sir Honey Davenport and Tara Miso Rice, are three drag queens that are given special powers through tacky jewelry to rid the world of it’s evil dwellers. Let me give them my “bucket” list to start with, Rick San-tor-my-bum, Pat but crack Robertson, Tony jerk my baloney Perkins, Brian bottom Brown, Saggie ass Maggie Gallagher and, well this list could go on forever…But girls you get the jist….thanks to Jeza herself for sending me the vid!

Queen sisters who are empowered with Super Hero abilities upon wearing special fashion accessories.  The Belles are charged by Galactic Queen Eusta to clean up planet earth of its rampant evil lest she have no choice but to destroy our world! check out their site here jezaandthebelles


  1. Lucifer

    I saw a movie called Trannies with Knives. Those girls looked good too.

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