School board upholds it’s decision to suspend gay teen for kissing…

I smell a lawsuit and Gloria Allred…And rightfully so. The school board claims it was not that kiss that got him suspended, then what was it? Alice ISD should be ashamed of themselves….

The 17-year old said he was kicked-off of his high school cheerleading squad after he was suspended for kissing another boy, after the kiss was caught on a school surveillance camera.

After we first reported the story Alice ISD said it would review the high school principal’s decision to suspend the boy.

Late Monday afternoon, the district released a statement announcing that they had completed their review and will stand by their original decision to remove the boy from the squad.

The district said the teen was not punished for the kiss but didn’t explain what he did wrong. They only said that the student and his parents are aware of what prompted the punishment.

The district also says the boy’s parents are in agreement with the decision, but the teen claims that those statements are not true.

The teen did release a statement saying; “As much as a heartbreak that it is that I can’t cheer anymore, the only thing I care about is getting a message out, that no matter what, you are who are you are and no one ever has a say in it or should treat you different. No one can be better at being you than yourself.” full deets here

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