Connecticut: Peter Wolfgang, whines that gay play will indoctrinate your kids…

Being that my hometown is Westport, Connecticut I am always a bit more touched by stories from my home state.Okay here’s the breakdown a school in Hartford Connecticut put on a musical called “Zanna, Don’t” in which popularity in high school is determined by academics and gay is the normal sexual orientation and straight is the minority. Fun and cute right? Well of course this right wing douche bag named Peter Wolfgang ( pay close attention to the video below, sounds like somebody’s putting from the rough and i ain’t talking Thomas) from the Connecticut family Institute has his g- string all bunched up in his crack because of a same-sex kiss in the play and tries to scare every parent out there that this type of behavior will indoctrinate their kids.

Really? Wolfy, let me give you piece of advice, people see through this tired old rant of yours and others like you. You have used it too much and just like an old whore: nobody’s interested anymore. They see the truth of your argument which is just simply discrimination.

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