Pentagon steps in: Gay Service Member Allowed to Attend Military Event with Partner…

A member of the New Hampshire National Guard will be allowed to attend an upcoming Yellow Ribbon event with her same-sex partner, Defense Department officials said Wednesday.

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan, who returned recently from a deployment in Kuwait and made headlines when she came out in the national media following repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” said earlier this week that she was not authorized to bring her partner of 11 years to a required-attendance Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event.

On Tuesday, New Hampshire senator Jean Shaheen sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta regarding the matter and urged the department to “allow same-sex couples to participate in all future DOD family events.”

The whole thing is just so silly. Why this is even an issue, about whom a service member can bring to a ceremony is ridiculous…People can we grow up!

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