Ohio: Anti-gay bashing high school beating caught on video…

Where do i even begin? I will say this, that fucking kid would not be walking out of there ALIVE if i was there. I am tired of these scumbags pulling this shit with NO consequences. I know that you can not teach tolerance with violence. But there comes a point when people are not getting it and you have to lower your self to their level to even the playing field. That is what has to be done with bullies. They need their ass beaten like a bitch on the play ground…Find my words harsh? You bet your ass they are…

I do not know the out come but i am hopping the fucking low life is expelled and arrested. I would like to see how that punk would survive jail…

A brutal case of anti-gay bullying in an Ohio high school has been caught by cell phone video and is emblematic of violence experienced or feared by LGBT students every day.

The video catches the attacker waiting for the gay student, a 15-year-old boy named in the report as “Zack” by ABC’s WSYX in Ohio. The station interviewed the victim’s mother, who describes what she saw of the vicious beating on tape.

“The boy stood there and waited on him, and waited on him, and waited on him,” she told WSYX. “And then as soon as he walks in the door, the boy hits him. Zack walks away, ‘What did I do? Why are you doing this?’ And he keeps walking away.”

But then the boy grabs Zack, stands over him on the ground and delivers at least seven punches in quick succession, the smacks audible on the tape.

The mother told the station that her son might have a concussion and chipped teeth, and that she wants that attack pursued as a “hate crime.” The mother is certain it was motivated by her son being gay.

“It’s my son,” she said, “and they did it just because he’s a homosexual.”

    NO BULLY10-29-2011

    Call the Principal- Jim Osborne 740-773-4105, enter extension 134. Tell him what you think

    Superintendent: Dwight Garrett
    High School Principal: James Osborne
    Unioto High School Asst. Principal: Wilma Gillott

    Unioto High School
    14193 Pleasant Valley Road
    Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

    Sheriffs Department: 740-773-1185
    Prosecutors Office: 740-702-3115

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