Male cheerleader suspended for kissing another guy. Wtf?

A male cheerleader said he was kicked off the squad and suspended after he was caught kissing another male student on campus.

The young man spent countless hours practicing every day for years to make the varsity cheer squad, and he had it all taken away from him in an instant.

Perhaps most surprising, is the way the student was caught. Not in person by a teacher, but by surveillance camera, leading the young man to believe he was being watched and targeted by school officials simply because of his sexual orientation.

“They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen,” the young man said, asking not be indentified. “We would be the ones getting caught because I’m sure we were the only ones, sexual orientation wise, being caught like that.”

I love the fact that the parents are not taking this shit. If the kid is not put back on the team they will pursue legal action.


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