Logo TV involved in fake Hate Crime??

I was doing my “daily grind” reading blogs and over at back2stonewall i read this interesting post about LOGO TV being possibly involved in a staged hate crime attack. If the claims are true that is so sad and should not be tolerated. Hate crimes are NO joke. 

After complaints about Coulters and GOProud’s appearance,  “gay conservative christian republican” A-List: Dallas cast member Taylor Garrett claimed he was a victim of a “hate crime” tweeting that liberal activist threw a rock though his window with a hate note attached about him being a republican. Of course Chris R Barron of GOProud went livid accusing the LGBT media of not covering it.  And we all know how GOPrould loves media attention  for “supposed” hate crimes. *cough* Jimmy LaSalvia *cough*

But after being pushed for proof and police reports Garrett  deleted his claims about the rock through his window.

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