Gay teen takes his life after being bullied…

Jamie and his father…

Uggg! Why is this still happening? I seriously want to take these bullies and choke them to death. I have no tolerance for bullying.

Jamie Hubley documented the final month of his life in heartbreaking and painful detail.

The 15-year-old boy, a son of Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley and his wife, Wendy Barber, kept a blog in which he wrote openly of his struggles with depression and the challenges of being an openly gay teenager.

“I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try … I just want to feel special to someone,” he wrote.

He was, of course, special to many people but, tragically, the Grade 10 student took his own life on Saturday.

“I hate being the only open gay guy in my school,” he had written earlier. “It fucking sucks, I really want to end it. Like all of it.”

But he was certainly bullied.

“Being open does not help at all,” he wrote before the school year started. “Yeah, someone will call me a fag. But one after the other, after the other … I can tell on them … Yeah. But they don’t give a shit. They’ll come back after their suspension (fun day at home, free day at school) and continue calling me a faggot. I’m not ready.” full deets here

So sad. The truth is it does get better.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-17-2011

    You know, while this is depressingly sad — and I can’t fathom it, for I was out and quite aggressive — in every state of the Union there are “hazing” laws — and instead of legally trying to get “bullying” laws – -we may as well use the “hazing” laws — for hazing is bullying, but merely a different age group — and our gay lawyers need to go after these people under the “hazing” statues, and not wait for a “bullying” law.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to cry myself to sleep for another lost life to this crap :(

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