Fox & Friends get a good laugh at gender neutral dorms. And not in a good way…

I have never watched Fox & Friends ( i did know they had any) and after viewing the clip I understand why.The maturity levels and ignorance of the hosts makes you feel like you’re watching Jerry Springer. the three moronic hosts were discussing neutral gender dorms, but don’t let me spoil it for you watch below.

Here is the “brilliance” of Gretchen Carlson:

“We’re missing the point of the story,” Carlson said. “[This is happening] all because of one little tiny percent of society. It’s another one of those stories where everything is changing as a result of just a few people.”

Oh I would agree that you are missing the point sweetheart. It may be hard for you to understand but there are other people in this world from different walks of life than your bleach blonde, Stepford wife existence.

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