Bully has not returned to school and Principal now changing punishment….

The video post last week of the gay teenager being viciously attacked by a fellow student who was punished with a slap on the wrist has not returned to school and is now facing harsher punishment and potentially criminal charges.

The fight drew outrage last week after local Ohio news station WSYX interviewed the victim’s mother, who narrated what she saw on a cell phone video recording of her son being ambushed on October 17. The mother, Rebecca Collins, criticized the three-day suspension the attacker received as too little and instead called the attack a hate crime.

The high school’s principal, Jim Osborne, told the Gazette that he is also considering a new punishment “in light of the new evidence.” The punishment was issued before video surfaced, and before Collins told them about an antigay slur posted by the attacker on her son’s Facebook photo two days ahead of the fight.

via Felony in Beating Caught on Tape? | News | The Advocate.

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