Bad taste: Killers Brandon Flowers Makes video in support of Mormon church….

Uggg, Brandon Flowers made a video in support of the mormon church. After what the Mormon church did to all the gays in California by funding an promoting Prop 8 which took the right for gays to marry away. It’s hard to believe that any one would support and organisation the promotes discrimination at the worst levels. Flowers was raised a mormon. I don’t know what his stance is on gay rights and gay marriage but I yet to meet a mormon who is supportive of the gays or their equality. Lets hope he changes that…But then again on the other hand if he does support gay equality he is STILL supporting a group that viciously discriminates against us. It would be like any person supporting the KKK. 


  1. Hayley

    opinions are peoples opinions. yours should be kept to yourself. if he likes the church that is fine. i am a mormon myself but i have nothing against gays or catholics or methodist, jewish, anyone! so let’s stop hating and just let people be who they are. brandon is a nice man obviously with high standards who has bettered his life from drinking excessively and as i have heard quit smoking. his faith and religion is his faith and religion, so you should be kind and leave it alone. love thy neighbor as thyself. please dont spread such a negative energy. i hope you have a great day though and come to stop hating so much. best wishes. -Hayley

    • Izzoiz

      I don’t think you read the post correctly, i made no personal attack against him. I simply stated that the Mormon church promotes discrimination. Period. No one should support an organization like that. You being a Mormon i am sure you are well aware of the churches stance on gays (i.e. conversion therapy) and Prop 8 in California, they were the number one supporter and financial backer of the hate campaign, that took equal rights away from gays. So although you may not have anything against gays, do you believe that they should have the same rights as you? Should they be allowed to marry? If your answer is no, then unfortunately you also believe in discrimination.

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