after 52 years together couple gets married!

Mike Greenlar / The Post-Standard

The two men found each other in the Abbey of St. Florian, an Austrian monastery. They both were there to see the grave of composer Anton Bruckner. Marvin was traveling across Europe, playing concerts. Schuh, who survived the battle of Stalingrad in World War II, was an opera critic in Vienna.

They have been together ever since. Now, 52 years later, the music lovers with matching hearing aids are getting married. Today in Syracuse’s City Hall, Mayor Stephanie Miner will perform the ceremony.

For Marvin and Schuh, 89, the ceremony is the second this year. On June 22, they had a civil union ceremony in Austria, where same-sex civil unions were legalized last year. full deets here

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-16-2011

    Ain’t that sweet — and fits in exactly with my comment about gays over 50, eh? :)

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