Activists plan protest of Anti-gay teacher….

Last week i posted about that cracked out “teacher” who posted anti-gay rhetoric on her Facebook page. Well protesters are now planing on attending the school board meeting to decide what should be done about the ignorant idiot. There is only one thing to be done, fire her ass. She has no business being around children.

The Associated Pressreports on the call for protesters to urge the Union Township school board to take against Viki Know when it meets on Tuesday evening.

Last week, it was reported that Knox, a special education teacher and faculty adviser to a prayer group, used the social networking site to say that homosexuality was a “perverted spirit” and to complain about a school display in recognition of LGBT History Month in October. Her page, where she defended her statements to other Facebook users with references to religious belief, was removed from public view, but an attorney captured the comments and shared them with Garden State Equality, the statewide LGBT lobbying group.

Garden State Equality called for the school district in North Jersey to remove Knox. The group questioned her ability to enforce the state’s tough new antibullying law given her professed views.







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