3 Gay men attacked in West Hollywood…

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3 Gay men attacked in West Hollywood…

WEST HOLLYWOOD (KTLA) — Three gay men say they were viciously attacked and beaten in separate incidents by men shouting anti-gay slurs last week in and near West Hollywood.

Two of the attacks occurred in West Hollywood and the third took place just outside the city limits, police said. The Los Angeles Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s departments are investigating the beatings.

I live in West Hollywood and frequent the nightlife regularly and when i am walking home at night i am always conscious of my surroundings. Not so much in fear of gay bashing, but in this crazy world you never know what the hell can happen. But i will now be a little extra careful. I would love to beat this bitch myself. Tired of this nonsense.

I hope they get this piece of shit, dress him in harness with a dog collar with “bitch bottom” written on his forehead, a gag ball in his mouth and parade him up and down the blvd. 

I really should be writing children’s books… :)

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