Tulsa "News Paper" Call gay appointee "Perverted"…

Now this would be more surprising if it were not a right wing news paper, but seriously this shitz is just so juvenile. 

Jim Roth was recently appointed by Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin, who campaigned on her Christian values, according to the Beacon. The paper claims in an editorial that Fallin betrayed her campaign promises by appointing Roth, who they call an “outspoken homosexual.”

“The election board needs people of integrity, not those who live a perverted lifestyle, whether it be homosexuality or heterosexual promiscuity, alcoholism, drug addiction or a host of other personal problems,” reads the editorial. “Undoubtedly, there are homosexuals who serve in state government. But someone who is open about his perverted lifestyle should not be appointed to a position of honor and integrity by a governor who wants to govern by biblical principles. Roth will serve immediately on an interim basis but his four-year post is subject to approval by the Oklahoma Senate. They should send him packing.”

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