People walk by as gay men are attacked in Florida…

Two gay men attacked last week in Florida by five scumbags said people were walking  by and did nothing…Wtf?

Manuel Galan has not left his Immokalee home in a week.

The 27-year-old fears being attacked for his sexual orientation. Galan is gay.

“I’m scared to walk out the front door,” Galan said. “In case someone sees me, alone, they can do more damage.”

Galan and his friend, Cirildo Soliz, were jumped by five males last week, according to a Collier County sheriff’s incident report. The two were walking together on Carson Road near Eden Avenue in Immokalee. The Sheriff’s Office is calling it a possible hate crime.

“It was right in the middle of the street,” Galan said. “People were walking all around us. No one stopped. No one did anything. It hurts me, I knew some of the people.”

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