GLAAD & Huff Post in tiff over Gay Sugar Daddies…

There is a bitch fight between Huffington Post and GLAAD. Huff posted an article the gay men are more understanding of excepting money for sex for paying of college tuition fees I.E. Sugar daddy, than straights. G is all in a tizzy and want’s a retraction. Saying it is not true. But i beg to differ. I believe that there is a segment of the gay population of young males that do this. No different than young women who do the same thing by hooking up with rich older men. So what? I have no issues with it. 

But lets be real. Men in general whether gay or straight have a different attitude toward sex. Paying for it does not bother them as much. I have a feeling if you did a poll on what men think about people being paid for sex the number of acceptance is going to be higher than the number of those who say other wise. Lets face it men are dirty fun pigs and love the idea of paying or getting paid for it. It’s a fantasy!!! Weeeee….

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