The new dumb adventures of old tea bagger Christine O’Donnell…

You know i love a good pie in the face Anita Bryant moment. There is nothing better than watching an anti-gay/masturbation dumb whore fall flat on her pie hole. Love how she can’t handle the heat when Piers Morgan keeps pushing her on the gay issue. Morgan was not letting her off the hook and good for him. I live for the moment when it starts to go bad which is when they try to say they are not there to discuss “that topic” especially when this bitch writes about it in her book. 

Watch the clip below in which Morgan badgers Carrie Pre-jean/ Anita Bryant/ Michele Bachman her about the gays and little miss up-tight-ass ends the interview. Chrissy better rethink her anti-masturbation stance because this chick needs to have an orgasm, she is so pent up….Spread your legs honey and take a drive…..

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