That didn’t take long: DWTS gets ridiculed for having Chaz Bono….

 Dan Gainor, VP of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center, has an issue with Chaz being chosen for DWTS.
He says:

“Whether it’s Glee or Dancing With the Stars, this is part of Hollywood’s insistence on tearing down traditional families. Parents now more than ever must realize they cannot let their kids watch television without supervision or risk advocating lifestyles that most families do not approve of.”

DF (dumb *uck) let me explains this a simple as possible, MOST families do approve of different lifestyles. Because it is the NORM now. You white wash “traditional family values” bull shit jargon is a false hood of the past. So here is my suggestion, either get on the bus or get the eff off. Because this is REALITY…

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