Sen. Roberto Aranog anti-gay voting comes to light….

does my mouth say blow job?

Last week closet case republican senator Roberto Arango resigned after pictures of his asshole spread open on Grindr hit the internet. Another anti-gay voting republican who likes dick, taken down! Below is the power bottoms voting history on LGBT issues and as you can imagine, it ain’t in our favor..Oh hell no!
Arango served as mouthpiece for a campaign against civil unions in 2007.

- As senator, Arango voted in 2007 in favor of a ban on legally recognizing any relationship not between one man and one woman. The bill was blocked in the House of Representatives.

- Arango shepherded a bill banning adoption rights for LGBT people, then voted for it, and it’s now law in Puerto Rico. 

- Arango used a Spanish antigay slur to describe a political opponent during a campaign rally. 

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