NOM gives major MISLEADING/ Lies about DADT…

What else is new with these low life scumbags? The NOM posse which is led by Maggie saggy ass Gallagher and Brian bottom Brown, is at it again  twisting the truth on the DADT repeal and telling lies about Admiral Mike Mullen. I love how they are creating their own down fall. And believe me between Gallagher and Brown there is a lot to fall….

In an August 25 blog post, NOM asserted that Admiral Mike Mullen had told a military chaplain that he would have to resign his commission if he planned on holding onto his “biblical views on sex and marriage.” The post included a link to a OneNewNow article detailing the incident.
In reality, Mullen wasn’t talking about a chaplain’s biblical views on marriage, but the expression of biblical views “concerning homosexuality.” In other words, Mullen was explaining that chaplains would be prohibited from condemning openly gay and lesbian service members as sinful, immoral, etc. As explained in the 2010 DADT Working Group Report: deets here

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