Bad Girls Club Tasha is an Dumb ass Homophobe…

I do not watch shows like this because of the inevitable trash that always is featured on these shows and in this case its some broad named Tasha. Now bare with me cuz like i said, i do not lay my peepers on this shitz. But apparently the gay chick on Bad Girls Club was bitch slapping some homophobe at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. After the clip they cut to Tasha spewing anti-gay rhetoric. Lets recap shall we?

“I’ve never met anyone in my life who flaunts their gayness as much as Shelly does. It’s disgusting and wrong.”

But then, after suffering an audience backlash, Tasha posts on the website:

“I don’t think it’s right to be gay. The Bible says it should be between a woman and a man. Although, I do have plenty of gay friends that I love and support, I personally don’t think it’s right.”

“Am I homophobic? What a joke! No way! I’m just standing up for what I believe in. I do not care about anyone’s sexual preference. It has NOTHING to do with me!!!!”

Oh my where do i begin with this lovely? TRasha, let me explain and hopefully your 3rd grade toothless education can comprehend. Saying you are against something means you are prejudice I.E. HOMOPHOBIC. I question your statement that you have gay friends. Really? Because i can’t imagine any self respecting gay person being “friends” with bigoted idiots like yourself. 

If you did not care about anyone’s sexual preference you would not think anyone’s is wrong. Derrrrrr.

Suggestion: Go back to the mud floor shack you honed your HOMOPHOBIA in, in the state of Bamie and start your lack of education all over again and this time pray to the Bible that you get it right, ignorant ass….

  1. June Lee
    June Lee11-08-2011

    She is a christian, and she is standing up for what she believes in. This is a FREE COUNTRY!!!!! I don’t why all the gay people want to get mad at her. Being gay is banned in the Bible. We don’t hate you people, we just hate your choice

    • Izzoiz

      And we HATE your bigotry. Being a black person, Tasha is well aware of the struggles and discrimination her culture faces. There was a time in this country that she could not vote, sit in the front of the bus, use the same bathroom or marry a person of another race. Or maybe Tasha is not well informed of her cultures past. It does not matter what your religious beliefs are, YOU should believe in equality for all…I strongly suggest you get an education, because if you believe this is a FREE COUNTRY then we should all have the same FREE RIGHTS. Religious beliefs are a CHOICE, being gay or the color of your skin is not. Get a clue…

  2. Meh

    To this entry’s writer.
    Tasha may be a homophone, but you can’t use proper grammar, spell properly and you are a hypocrite. You sit here complaining that Tasha is mean (wah :( ) but you’re making fun of her education, looks and saying she has no teeth? Bitch has teeth. Are you blind and ignorant?

    • Izzoiz

      lols crazy. blind and ignorant? “making fun of her education, looks and saying she has no teeth?” you clearly don’t get the joke….”but you can’t use proper grammar, spell properly and you are a hypocrite” again, you clearly don’t get the joke….

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