Scumbag convicted of attack on Lesbian couple, killing one…

Scumbag & Tersa Butz
Isaiah Kelebu was found guilty Friday of aggravated murder in the 2009 attack on lesbian couple Teresa Butz and her partner. Kelebu broke into their apartment and raped, slashed their throats and murdered Butz…

While the verdict was being read, Butz’s surviving partner cried quietly in the courtroom.

Butz’s partner testified that on the night of the attack she awoke to find a man in the bedroom she shared with Butz. Armed with a butcher knife, the man sexually assaulted each woman repeatedly while aggressively cutting into their throats. Though mortally injured, Butz was able to dive through a window, creating a distraction that allowed her partner to escape through the front door.

According to Senior Deputy Prosecutor James Konat, it was Butz’s distraction that saved her partner’s life.

Kalebu, whose violent outbursts resulted in his removal from the courtroom, only testified for about five minutes during the trial. “I was there and I was told by my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to attack enemies,” Kalebu, who has a history of mental illness, told the jury about the night in question. “I followed the instructions by God.”  deets here

Yeah okay crazy. Then why did God just throw your sorry ass in jail for the rest of your scumbag life, if these were his instructions? Take another crazy pill scumbag….

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