Jeff Lewis in the hot seat over Trans comment….

Oooh child. Jeffy got himself in a pickle this time. Never mind the wrath of Jenny, Sarah, Zolia or Trace, many in the LGBT community are flipping out over Jeff’s not so nice comment about a crack addict transgender.

Here is the scoop:

“Normally when you buy a house, the house is delivered vacant. I thought it was delivered vacant, but when I started the demo I realized there was this basement that I didn’t see during the inspection, and there was a transgender crack addict. A lot of times when you buy a house you inherit a feral cat or a raccoon or something, but in this particular case I inherited a crack addict — no joke! It took me a couple of weeks to get rid of he/she. But I didn’t even know he/she was living there. It was pretty crazy.”

While Lewis refused to comment and Curbed editors stood by the piece, transgender activists expressed remain outraged.

“My concern isn’t that there was a transgender crack addict in the basement,” wrote Weiss. “My concern was that stringing together ‘Cannibals, Cremation and Transgender Crack Addicts is a blatant attempt to titillate the audience by suggesting a Silence of the Lambs-type comparison between trans people and the gruesome practice of cannibalism and the macabre subject of cremation. Had there been a story about ‘Cannibalism, Cremation and Black Crack Addicts,’ bolded and calling the person a derogatory name, would any sane person doubt that there was a racist subtext, whether ‘intended’ or not? There are, of course, trans cracks addicts, just as there are black crack addicts and many other types of people affected by sobriety issues. This is completely beside the point.”

better get this shitz cleared up Jeffy, we need as many seasons of Flipping Out as possible! deets here

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