GOProud would support Michele Bachmann over equality…

“We have requested a meeting with Michele Bachmann,” LaSalvia told The Ticket. “We’ve made this request, as with the other requests, in good faith.” He said GOProud officials intend to “discuss issues important to gay conservatives” with Bachmann and “anything she wishes to talk about.”
In an interview with Politico, GOProud chairman Christopher Barron said he was “concerned” and “troubled” by Bachmann’s record and past statements about gay issues, but would not “be part of any ‘war against Michele Bachmann.’”
GOProud officials generally stress that sending a Republican to the White House trumps a candidate’s view on one issue.
“We are committed to defeating Barrack Obama in 2012,” LaSalvia said. “And want to be helpful to whoever secures the GOP nomination.” deets here
These self loathing pathetic losers. Being gay is at the core of who they are but they would rather sacrifice their equality in order  to put a discriminating bigot who believes that gays are satin in place to run this country. Wtf happened to these GOProud assholes to hate themselves so much? So sad and pathetic. 

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