Former Michigan anti-gay asst A.G. denied request to have deposition sealed…

Remember Andrew Shirvell the former assistant Atty. Gen. that was fired for his anti-gay assault on University of Michigan student body president openly gay Chris Armstrong? Yeah that turd. well the douchebag is challenging his being fired. In an upcoming deposition he requested that the depo be sealed but a judge said hell no!

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Shirvell says in his filing that the charges against him were unsubstantiated and, even if proved, firing him was improper and “arbitrary and capricious.”

He first filed a complaint with the attorney general’s grievance officer earlier this year to get his job back. The claim was denied, and Shirvell appealed it to the state commission. That decision is still pending. deets here

I never understand people being fired from a job and then suing to get that job back. Why would you want to go back to the place that doesn’t want you? Give it up idiot. You’re not getting your job back.

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